Blender fluid animation with 2 colors

hi guys, i got a problem…

i would like to make a new animation, where two fluids flows into a bucket and get mixed… of cours with Blender…

i know not very easy, but i need help! :wink:

Two different fluid simulations cannot truely interact with each other like that. You can with fluid particles

Realflow does what you want. I don’t know how much it costs though.

Yeah, Realflow, Naiad or Houdini Fluids can manage that, but not Blenders fluid sim… As RM say’s, you could do some stuff with Blender particles using the fluid mode there, but that’s pretty far from a real fluid sim…

And Realflow is $250, very cheap for what it is/does imo…

yeah i heard i can do it with particels, but it doesn’t look so nice… :slight_smile:

@ridix : yeah i saw this video and i wanna do this, but there is no tutorial there…

so i do it with fluid particels, no other chance, but Thx very much

Realflow is a very good program to make that effect, BUT Realflow can’t render fluids.
U haf to export from realflow to expensive programs like : 3dsmax, maxwell, maya, houdini, vray… etc
And to im port them … for example: if u are using houdini u can import realflow meshes ONLY if you have the realflow plattform plugin.
And blender does not have this realflow plugin system.

For a multicolor fluid u can use SPH fluid particles or a texture.

I don’t know about the whole two fluids in a bucket thing, but I was able to find a way around it for a splash art kind of painting, by setting up red fluid to hit a canvas, bake the fluid, render it, then assign it to the plane as a texture & uv map it, then roatate the sphere(or fluid object) do it again with blue and you can do it with however many colors you want. You can do the same using dynamic paint if you don’t want the fluid itself to be a part of the image.