Blender Fluid Domain: Cube Only?

Hello everyone…

Is it possible to alter the default domain – Cube–in Blender fluid simulations? I’m designing architecture for a science-fiction story, and everything is flowing and organic–no corners or squares.

It seems to me that there should be or could be a Python script to handle this.:cool:

Just make your domain big enough so that the fluid never reaches it…the domain specifies where the simulation happens but you can just make it as big as you want really.

…and you can use other objects (with whatever shape that you like) as obstacles that water can bump into, use as reservoir, etc… :smiley:

you can only resize the dimensions of the box to fit your room mesh into it.

I do not think he meant the SIZE of the domain. I had this question also. Last year there as an 3dWorld Magazin cover that showed a fluid morping into a femail figure. Sort of like a fluid becomine the Silver Surfer (from the Fanstastic 4 comic) I wondered if blender would be able to do this same type of effect. Then I found out that the fluid could only be contained in a cubic area(Domain) so there went that idea. Did somone mention obstacles? Would it be possible to use humanoid form mesh with a hole at the top of the skull. Then flip the normals of that mesh inward toward the inner body. Use a small invisible inflow object at the top of the skull where the opening is and then have the fluid animation fill the inside of the body? Since the body is set as an obstacle?

My understanding is the domain can be any shape, but fluid sim will translate this into an equivalent cube. You can use an obstacle to contain the “fluid woman.”

Alternatively just give the model a water texture rather then filling it with water. By the way just because the domain is square doesn’t mean that the fluid has to touch the edge of the domain at any point :wink: Thats why we have obstacles.

There was a cool thing that could make water into the shape of something. It was magic fluid control or something. Twas done in blender i think (starred mancandy), dunno if that features availiable in an svn or something.

Here’s a => link <= to Magic Fluid Control’s homepage.
Although it states that it was integrated in Blender (well, they say ‘the framework’ which can mean pretty much everything), I don’t really believe it 'cause I never saw anything like it since. (go ahead, prove me wrong :slight_smile: )

you could drop the author a mail and simply ask him. :wink:

“The framework has been integrated into the open source software Blender” this doesnt mean they also shared that code.
sounds to me like they changed a few things in Blender, making it possible to control fluids the way they do in the videos and just kept the code internal.

a small talk with the developer of this code:

I watched the video. This is exactly what I meant. But unfortunately the developers of that video did not EXPLAIN how they did the videos :frowning: