Blender fluid problem

my names ed, and I’m pretty new to blender. Ive been modeling in max for a few years now but have turned to blender for its fluid capabilities. Its taken me a couple of days to find my way around blender (and I’ve got to say I do like the interface and control method) and have now got the basics of what I’m after.
What i am trying to create is a 10 second or so animation of a logo rising out of a white liquid creating ripples as it does.
Here is the rough storyboard to illustrate:

The problem that i am having is that as the logo raises from the fluid, the fluid seems quite thick (even tho i am using the water viscosity, I have also tried the visc. at 0) and I get big lumps of fluid resting on top of the logo.
Here’s a couple of renders to show what I’m getting.
As the logo first emerges, and
once it had emerged.

This was done with both compressibility and real world size down as low as poss (as this seemed to give me the best results, i have tried several other values, but please let me know if they are wrong) and I am still working at a resolution of 50 while i tweak the animation.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me with this, I look forward to any replies!
Cheers again

p.s. I forgot to mention, for the final render I will need to make the fluid and domain much bigger so that the ripples fade off into nothing. Would a much bigger domain/mesh need different settings to get the same result? Is that were the real world size is important? cheers

I don’t have blender in front of me so I’m doing this from memory:o:

Blender liquid always seems a bit too gloopy to me.
It depends on the look you are going for, but setting the Real World size to max (10) gives a better effect.

Also set the resolution as high as it will go 100+ - if I put it too high it tends to crash when I press bake.

There are also time settings that change the real amount of time in seconds that the animation will run over (this is also linked to the number of frames in your animation)

hope that helps!

thanks for the quick reply, I hadn’t tried the time settings to be honest!
Just tried it in combination with the real world size at 10 and its looking better already!

Thanks a lot mate!

Hi again,

Ive had a good play with the settings now, but am still getting artifacts similar to the second screen grab in my first post.
Has anyone got any idea what causes these? After a little search i found a forum post saying that these were due to too large a real world size but as i was getting them with a world size of 0.001 don’t think that is right.

anywho, lookin forward to hearing from anyone!


If ripples are all you are looking for you might be better off just using the wave modifier with an empty controller and curves controlling when to emit waves.

Edit: by curves I meant IPO curves not the nurbs curves…

Interesting idea afalldorf… So I had to play with it a bit… But how to make the waves ripple outwards?? I’m not sure if even with fluid sim that it would do that anyway. Since I’ve never played with the wave modifier, I hacked together a quickie. Attached is a file I spent 20 mins on.

So I’m curious, revefresh, why not just do all this in that big dollar 3dsux… err, I mean 3dsmax… package?


P.S. That’s a blender 2.49 file attached… didn’t test it in 2.5a2…


wavemod.blend (184 KB)

hey, thanks for the ideas guys. Had a play with your blend file randy and i think it mite be the way to go.
the reason i thought id use blender is purely for the fluid sim, as max doesn’t have one, although for the money you pay it should really!
any who, even if i don’t use blender for this project i will defiantly try and get into it for later ones!
cheers again guys,

Here is a scene I did a while ago. Just replace the source object with your logo mesh.


ras_object_through_fluid.blend (222 KB)