Blender fluid simulation for Independent film - $25-$50 Hourly compensation

My name is Andrew Donoho. I’m a feature film director based out of Atlanta. I’m currently finishing up a film, and we are looking to commission a blender artist to do some fluid simulations for a single shot. You can see a teaser and some info about the film here:

Some of my other work can be found here:

The shot would involve creating an ocean wave crashing through a hallway and into a bedroom, during the hallucination of one of the characters. The shot is 10 seconds long, 1080p 10bit, 24fps, blender fluids with Cycles, and we would want you to Camera map the real shot into a 3d environment (for accurate reflections and refractions), and create the fluid simulation with shaders and lighting and foam (if possible). We can render, composite into the scene, add motion blur, light tweaks, color correction, grain, etc. on our end.

We are essentially hoping to create the effect of a slow motion ocean wave crashing through a hallway into a bedroom. It should be a bit reminiscent of The Shining in terms of speed, size, impact, and motion:

One single shot, totally static. We can even do the rendering on our end. We can pay a somewhat decent rate. It is an Indie film, so go easy on us, but I’m more than happy to discuss a $25-$50 hourly depending on experience level and estimated time of completion. We would like to begin rendering the shot on September 18th, but there is slight flexibility on that.

We are using blender to reduce costs, and to prove that open source software can be as strong as the big guys. If interested, please shoot an email to [email protected] with work examples. Thanks!


You can’t pack and send fluid caches that I am aware of, so you would be unable to do the rendering unless you were willing to also do the actual simulation.

it would be possible to set up the simulation so it would work right, and then send it to you, you hit go, and it runs the simulation, then you render it.

its possible just zip your blender folder and temp files where your caching is

However, the sim files could be quite large. The last massive Blender sim I did was about 150gb in size.

Hey guys,

sorry for the delay, but I meant to update last week. We found someone for the job. Thanks!