Blender Fluid Simulation with Control Particles

Here is something that initially was a simulation test but evolved into something worthwhile to share.

I recommend watching it in HD over at youtube! ->

Hope you liked it. :slight_smile:


I’d love to hear how you did this. Trying to create a similar effect but having a difficult time.

Liquid Nazis?

I’m not sure if this is anything like how Artorp made it, but it produces a similiar (though just a simple cylinder) result. The timings could be adjusted a bit better, and there’s a slight issue with the inflow scale curves not being quite zero that could be fixed.
It takes a while to bake also, but there you go.

Nice demo, but it certainly reveals that the Blender fluid system still has the jitters. It is Ok when it is in motion, but when you hold or it lands on a surface it just sits there vibrating, unnaturally (it did fit the music, in this case).