Blender fluid simulstion problems

I am new to this forum and I having been using blender for several months now and I ran into a problem with the blender fluid simulation(er?). I was trying to build the title for a tv show i am making but this is what i got.
I wanted the fluid to travel through the mesh and hit up on it the walls. But the liquid keeps getting stuck on certain letters, and just floats around all of the walls. I tried making the walls wider it helped a bit but it didn’t quite do it. I also tried changing the force of the inflow and the size of the domain, but that only made things worse. Can anyone tell what i am doing wrong? i have been working on this for hours with no results.

What fluid resolution settings are you using?
Could you attach your blend file to your post as that makes problem solving so much easier for those users willing to help

You’re going to want to increase the fluid resolution to a fairly high number, probably over 150, and I would suggest ~200. This will take a long time to bake, depending on the speed of your computer, but the high resolution is necessary to get the fluid into all the parts of the logo. Right now it looks like it’s getting bottlenecked at the narrowest part.

You can also increase the fluid preview resolution, so in the 3D window you’ll get the full resolution as well, instead of an approximate view of it.

Which way is the z-axis in the picture you posted?

here is the .blend file but i think your right on the resolution,i just turned down really low cuz i didn’t want to wait for the baking. This is a top view so Z axes is not visible. Baking it as i type this i tell you how it turns out.

I changed the resolution to 200 like you said and it fixed the fact that it doesn’t hit the walls, but it still gets stuck on the R. The donmain isn’t restricting it so I don’t know why it’s stooping. I set the end time at 9:10 but it still stops, anyone know why. Here is a link to the .blend This what it now looks like now Z is still the non visible axis and y is facing upward.

Change the obstacle Volume init from ‘Both’ to ‘Shell’.
I’d also do Ctrl+A / for all your fluid, domain, obstacle objects to reset their scale value back to 1 t be on the safe side.
Resolution of 150

thanks a tone i probably wouldn’t have done it without you guys