Blender Fluid System Export?

Hi I am following along this tutorial…

“Open the file “” from the Blender script directory in a text-editor. Search for the 2 lines starting with:
Put a # in front of the lines to comment them, so that they dont get executed. [LEFT]This should get rid of the hassle to batch replace the materials in the obj files.”

Specifically, where do I find the file? How do I access it? I am very much new to Blender.[/LEFT]
Joel H.

You haven’t said but I assume you are running Windows. It may be in a different location depending on how you installed blender but yry looking under the Blender folder under .blender/scripts. The .blender may be hidden on your machine but you can open it without a problem in a text editor window in blender.

I am using Mac OSX. Can’t seem to find it anywhere???

Don’t those fancy macs have some sort of file finder where you can type in ‘’ and it, umm… finds the file?

Im pretty computer literate and for the life of me I can’t figure it out???

On a Mac it is in
The .blender folder is a hidden folder so just open it in a blender text editor window.

Maybe you’ll have better luck in one of the support sub-forums.

You know, on the forum main page if you scroll down to where you see the heading ‘support’ and there are a bunch of sub-sections under it.

Or google works pretty well, try typing in ‘osx file finder’.

OHHHHH. I have to do that within Blender! Got it! Thanks for the help