Blender fluid with animated obstacles.

I’m having a bit of a problem with fluid sticking to animated objects. The tooltips over the NoSlip, Part, Free buttons say that NoSlip is the only option for moving objects but this appears to do nothing besides make the simulation take longer. Does anyone have any tips as to how to stop fluid sticking to animated objects?

I’ve found that not having any of those buttons clicked makes it solve faster, but fluid sticks to my animated meshes no mattter what I do.

Is there anything I can do?



Sorry, animated objects are automatically treated as ‘no slip’, no matter what you set it for.

Thanks for the sad news LOTRJ


maybe buy a can of teflon, and spray the stuff that moves.

seriously though, put an transparent plane in the spot where the fluid will hit the moving object, exactly aligned and shaped as the object, and just a teeny bit in front of the object. As the object whizzes by and the fluid splashes, the splash will actually contact the stationary transparent plane and slide off, and the object will continue on its merry way.

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Papa Smurf, thanks for the tip, but I have a character surfacing from under the water so this wouldn’t work in this instance. I sorted a workaround by making a seperate mesh of the head which is also animated and pushed out a bit along it’s normals, but it has an impact factor below 1 so it acted like a drain to absorb the 'cap of water that was originally getting stuck on the to of it’s head.