Blender Fluids still question.

I want to make a hi-res image of a fluid but since I want to have a very detailed fluid mesh I would NOT like to render all the frames of my fluid simulation but only the one I will use for the final image. I could render my fluid at lower resolution and find the frame where my fluid looks OK but then I should render the full simulation again just to get the frame I want… Is there a way of getting a single frame (kind of a snapshot) for my hi-res fluid mesh?

You could figure out what ‘second’ (based on framerate) the frame you want to upgrade is at, and then set the render panel to start = end = 1 and set the fluid baker to start = end = 13.9 seconds or whatever.

Note I was just trying this and it seems to sit around forEVER with no meaningful progress information computing the leading-up-to data anyway.

That would be impossible because every frame is based on the frame before. (Speed, rotation etc…)

@ Star Weaver: Got it. I’ll give it a try. Thanx!
@ [Kothe]: You got a good point there!

If I understood your question…:

  • Bake at high resolution (you can’t baypass this point…).
  • In your animation file Import a single fluid surface mesh from your bake directory using a python script.

You can download the python script ( under the script section:

In blender You’ll find the importer under File - Import - Binary OBJ (.bobj)

I hope it helps You


I was hoping for a fluid mesh after baking one frame of my simulation but it seems that baking the whole simulation is a step I cannot avoid.
Your answer could have been the ideal solution if my goal was to export a single fluid mesh for rendering or editing into another app. (for example I could use Cinema 4D)