Blender follow path

Hallo everyone.

I have just started using Blender. I have some difficulties in using Blender.
I want to do a Task using BLender: An object e.g a cube should follow 2 different paths. For excamle the object should start from one place (A) and should move to another place e.g. (B). As soon it has arrives (B) it should stay there for about 10 s and then move back to (A). As sson it has arrived (A) again it should stay there for about 10 s again. After that it should take another direction and move to ©.
This is the actuall concept. Do you think you can help me and explain me how to do this in Blender.

The map should look like this:

Thank you

One option (see attached blend file)
Use a follow path constraint to control an object following a bezier curve object. You can use one curve or multiple curves (with a follow path constraint for each)
Keyframe the visibility of each constraint (eye icon) and the offset value to control how many frames the object moves and stops at each end of the curve.

Also please use the appropriate support forum for the subject of your query. Thread moved to Support / Animation & Rigging


follow_path.blend (99.4 KB)