Blender font

just wondering where i can find the original font used by nan in alot of the old graphics.

like the one on the left of this pic:


what i do if i try to find a font is open up a program like wordperfect. Then type in the text in the image (blender in this case) and then load the image as well. Seein as wordperfect hasrealtime font previews, i just press teh down button (scrolling through all the fonts) until i get to one that is very similar.


can help. But i never tried it.
The sample is a bit small. Is the same type used on the Blender-Manual. If so, could you post a bigger scan?
Sans serif fonts differ in small details, so it’s not that easy to see if its Helvetica/Arial (which i don’t think here) or for example Univers or Frutiger (a.k.a Zurich and Humanist 777 (Bitstream)), which could be here.


(I’m on Linux now and don’t have so many fonts installed at the moment, so i can’t compare, sorry)

thanks guys!!

i was able to use Lucida Console, i almost like it better.

the finished prduct will today or tomorrow. :smiley: