Blender for 64 bit Vista??

Hi everyone, my father and I are thinking of getting a new computer that is running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit.

Has anyone used this operating system (64 bit version) with Blender? If so, how would one install the 64 bit version of Blender?

Is it superior to using the 32 bit version of Blender on a 64 bit Vista OS? Can one even use the 32 bit version properly on a 64 bit Vista??

Thanks very much in advance.


I use Blender on my 64-bit Vista Home system and it runs very nicely. The 64-bit version can be downloaded the same way the 32-bit version is downloaded. The 64-bit doesn’t have an installer and simply is run by clicking on it’s application icon. In other words, you run Blender without even installing it on the 64-bit system.

Hope that helps,

Hi, thanks so much for the response!

Do you have to do anything fancy for the scripts to work? (ie. do you need to move folders around? or can you just leave everything as is?) Also, do you need the 64 bit version of Python installed?

Thanks again!

If a program is 64 bit, all its libraries need to be 64 bit as well. This means that you need 64 bit python, ffmpeg, etc. There is no 64 bit Quicktime, so there is something you can’t do.

32 bit applications run on most 64 bit operating systems, but you don’t get the benefits of 64 bit words; the ability to register more than 4 GB of RAM.

Anyways, it’s not really good installing Blender because it edits the registry, it’s just better to download the zip and extract, what I always do, and extract to C:/Blender Foundation/(Blender) because of restrictions in Program Files…
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