Blender for Android BGE Basics

(rtgggg50) #1

Here is a basic move cube player. The picture is on a linux machine with a touch screen. I tested on Android 5.1 with Blender Player. It works fine.


BlendArtist.blend (549 KB)

(Nicholas_A) #2

now how did you manage that?

(haidme) #3

Can this be compressed as .APK so it can be put on android store or you are using the official android blenderplayer from blender org/downloads?

(Cotaks) #4

Unless he changed the source of the BP, no it can not be turned into .APK. Blender needs additional programs to be run on the mobile to play .blends (atleast 5 years ago). And as i read here and there, nothing has been changed for Bge itself.

(Cotaks) #5

easy, logic bricks do work on android, but python is a no go, and even some logic bricks can get into trouble.

@ TS: None the less, good job creating a working template.

(HG1) #6

That is not correct Python 3 works on Android. Simply install Python3ForAndroid.

The only problem which I had was that you don’t have multi touch with Blender on a Android Device.

(mataii) #7

Is the same blenderplayer for android released like four years ago? If so, then yeah it has several issues, the worst is the no support for multitouch and the fact that you need the blenderplayer to run the file.

I did my own test four years ago.

You can get the files here

(S-Markt) #8

looks great. i made a speederbike through the woods endlessrunner game only with bricks that may run well on this.

(rtgggg50) #9

DId you get the sound to work? Apparently, the new version of Android do not have the same audio APIs or are missing some python blinds.

(rtgggg50) #10

Android is a optimize system. It does not have every single variant video, graphics and sound drivers, API, and etc…found in a full desktop. Knowing this, you have to look at the configuration of your workstation equipment. For example, development workstation is a quad core and the test tablet is ARM or dual core. Sound API also vary. Why the various configuration from city to city/region to region/state to state/country to country/. That is the politics of game development.

(rtgggg50) #11

I found this by googling this. However, I don’t have the time to test since I doing research on the sound API on Android.

(rtgggg50) #12

I use linux and after looking at synaptic manager, I think I installed and configured a python binding api that Blender Logic Blocks recognized. Thus, Android recognizes. Blender uses your system configuration. Windows machine it may or may not be “certified” to run.

(mataii) #13

No I did not, since I knew that there was no multitouch I just stopped testing with it :slight_smile:

(rgggg50) #14

Actually, this problem was associated with Window 10 making in the Beta Testing Phase. You particular network is not as advance since most OS update are server base and differ from region to region. Blender is API base and therefore you probably did not configure you desktop OS properly as well as the Android OS.

(linuxfree) #15

IP blocked by firewall i use kali rolling lol cant download file