Blender For Android Thinking About it .... Can We

Hello Everyone, :spin:

Ok so here is the deal, I am thinking that can it happen that a light version of Blender (or BGE) develop for Android Os. So that so of us who don’t want to waste time can also work on there tablets. I am just thinking about this. I know that it will takes lots of hard work and some investment if the programmers are not working as for free.

Want to know your views that will it be good for us, because in this way we can utilize our time in a great way. I think blender Android version can also be like Paid one, not very much expensive but a normal person can afford. :slight_smile: Need to know your views on my Idea.

OPTIONAL READING :- I am very very interested in tablets and the devices that uses Android Os. The reason is that I want (Currently working on one) to make some games for Android Os that’s why. :smiley: Like I use to think lots of things about games or how we can improve our work or our self’s that’s why this kind of idea struck in my mind. Need your views and suggestions.:eyebrowlift:

I was searching for a good tab to buy with in less price and was dreaming about those tabs every day. But now don’t have much money to buy it. :frowning:

So I though that I should also discuss here in BA forum with you guys , Maybe some other person already working on this, but if so than believe me I really don’t know and this is my Genuine Idea came from my Mind.:yes:

Thanks in advanced.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Richard Marklew for the information.

Yes that is right, I think now such discussion which is already done before, doing it now is of no use, Please Lock it. :slight_smile:


I suggest you read the thread i linked to (try page 8)