Blender for Architectural Concept Design

New video for the most essential external free addons for Blender.

dimitarsp thanks for your great presentations and contribution to the blender community.

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Now that we are all staying at home, I am trying out Youtube Live. In this episode, I go behind the scenes of how this concept was generated. I would really appreciate some feedback if you think this is a useful format.

New live stream: my creative process for designing a Theatre

dimitarsp I need to import a dae or 3ds file from chiefarchitect x10. Do you know of a convertor I can use to do this. I read about converters on this forum but I lost the link. Do you know what link I am talking about. I also own the educational version of rhino 6. Thanks Edit: I need a converter to get rid of tris.

Here are the links I was talking about.
IGES, STEP, parasolid(x_t), or PRT import Edit: I want to be able to import in a format that has quads and not tris. Thanks

New video: Create a procedural tower in Blender in less than 10 minutes!

Doing facade studies even for complex building should be fun and fast. With Blender it is! in this video I produce a facade with the Tissue addon in less than 15 mins

This is the third video of a series looking into generating non-destructive architectural concepts in Blender. In this third video, we look at processes to optimize the base mesh and add some preliminary details from that mesh like curving columns that follow the geometry.

Here is the fourth and last video of these series where we look at using Tissue to panelise our previously optimised mesh:

Curious about how to generate procedural escalators? Check this video out

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