Blender for Architectural Concept Design

New video for the most essential external free addons for Blender.

dimitarsp thanks for your great presentations and contribution to the blender community.

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Now that we are all staying at home, I am trying out Youtube Live. In this episode, I go behind the scenes of how this concept was generated. I would really appreciate some feedback if you think this is a useful format.

New live stream: my creative process for designing a Theatre

dimitarsp I need to import a dae or 3ds file from chiefarchitect x10. Do you know of a convertor I can use to do this. I read about converters on this forum but I lost the link. Do you know what link I am talking about. I also own the educational version of rhino 6. Thanks Edit: I need a converter to get rid of tris.

Here are the links I was talking about.
IGES, STEP, parasolid(x_t), or PRT import Edit: I want to be able to import in a format that has quads and not tris. Thanks

New video: Create a procedural tower in Blender in less than 10 minutes!

Doing facade studies even for complex building should be fun and fast. With Blender it is! in this video I produce a facade with the Tissue addon in less than 15 mins