Blender for architectural real-time animation

Hi all - Blender has been recommended to me as a possible real-time animation package for our interior architecture company.

Can anyone offer their thoughts on Blender’s suitability for this use? All we really want to do is drop a model into the scene (add a few lights, maybe jazz up a few textures) and navigate around it.

Also, I can’t seem to get the game mode to work (I know this is super basic). I set everything up, go to camera view & press P - everything becomes shaded & the cursor disappears but I can’t move. Any suggestions would be great.


Blender could be used very easily for archetectural realtime animation. The easiest solution for you would be to download the walkthrough template at the blender web site and append your model to the file with the logic set up.

Follow the tutorial here:

Get the template there.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve already downloaded the template, however I can’t seem to navigate within the game mode - perhaps it’s not compatible with 2.37a?

The other problem I’m having is that when I open the template and then bring in the model (by going open and selecting the dxf, right?) - I can’t find the model. When I zoom-extents the viewport zooms so far out I can’t even see the camera etc. I assume that the model is being dropped a long way from the camera (it might also be scaling it to the size of a small pea!) and because I can’t see it I’m finding it impossible to move to the right place.

If I could select items in a list and type the co-ordinates to place the model in the correct place/scale I might be able to get it worked out.

I know this is all pretty mundane stuff but I’m finding the going pretty tough - your help is much appreciated!


What format are your models in? If its not a blend file then you need to use one of the importer scripts. If it is in another blend file then you can use the append command on the file menu.

I really dont know why the template would not be working. I’m pretty sure it is compatable with 2.37a.

The file is a dxf from 3ds max. When I bring it into a blank blender file, it’s fine - maybe a script would adjust it to the correct size/location to suit the template. Where would I find such a script?

Is getting into game mode as simple as moving the cursor over the camera viewport and pressing P? I’ve managed to get it working with several games I’ve downloaded, but the template seems not to work.

Thanks again.

All there is to starting the game engine is pressing P. If there isnt already an import script packed with the program on the menu on the scripts window then you definatly can find a script in the script list on

Please visit my website for a few examples of real-time architectural environments:

3d Interactive Design

Or, send me e-mail address and I’ll send a demo-file.

Also, I’m working on a huge real-time virtual house for an English company as a demo for ‘smart-house’ systems.

Blender is definitely suitable for such projects.


Hi Tissot75 !

I’m working on some small architectural interactive walkthrough.
you can find some test of this work here (runtime,video…) and the first part of the final work here.

Well about your work two advise.
The best choice to develop this type of applications with blender is the 2.34 (the game engine part is much faster and with less bugs) and not the 2.37 or 2.37a.
for your models format you can use dxf but the best way with blender is the obj file format or vrml.

Could you give us more explanations on your project.which level of details wishes you to obtain.which type of interactivity thinks you implementing…



Most impressive work. You’ve managed to keep the frames per second quite high with nice texture and lighting detail. One of the best examples of a realtime environment I’ve seen in Blender. Congratulations.

Ricky Dee