Blender for architecture. Tutorials?

You probably need to increase the GI or Emit Power setting in the Yafray render properties (third tab at the bottom)…

A few more here:

I’ve no doubt in the capabilities of Blender. Still I think, differently from major 3D packages, it’s very hard to get started even for ones who have a lot of experience with modelling / rendering.

I have started writing a tutorial myself, I’ve already learnt many important things. Still I’m sure that a lot of people just don’t have time to invest in learning functions which are simple and obvious with other (major) software. An architecture-related “getting started” tutorial should save a lot of time and headaches to many who are interested in Blender.

Thanks for all your help, again!

It works, thanks! Still that means all other light emitters (such as the sky, lamps etc) are brighter as well. So I have to decrease everything else then. Could be a bit inconvenient, but that’s alright as it works anyway. Excellent!

It is possible to set up your windows the way you want then save the arrangement as a “screen”. Note the menu at the top which starts out saying “SCR:2 - Model”

Looks like you are well on your
way to understanding and using
Blender and YafRay.


Try that link and see if it works.
If it don’t then PM me.

Sorry but i’m having a problem with your adress

I tried

1 ) dropget at gmail dot com
2 ) gmail dot com
3 )

and when i sent this i received an error message that the adress is not good or that there is no server …

Even when i enter the E-Mal in Outlook it is telling that me the adress is not good ?


sometimes the obvious is not so obvious

Try this WEB host adress

you should be able to dowload files from this adress the files are Z1 to Z5 and another file

Heres is a sample of a simplified friendly user window that could be used by newbie

This could be activated as soon as you select a primitive
you could key in NN insterad of N and it would open a simplified window with all the informations about this primitive object

Z1 file is sample with no ckeck Box On

as you can on the left there are Check Box to be selected function of what you need for this primitive
Ex: Object reflectivity - Mirror
Shadow’s enable
and at top the usuel info about the size and basic color of the primitive

Z3 is showing a color Box with a preselection of colors
a little bit like when you use Excel in window’s

Z2 file is
All the check box are “On” then you can see what the variable are and you set the values at will

Z4 file
show the selection of transparency and ability to choose the index coefficent for reflectivity ( with a cmbo Box )

Z5 files
A form to set the World or background pictures in Blender

the idea is that you use what you need whitout any un-needed info

There would be another Form for the Texture selection
that i did not have the time to work on
But Texture in Blender is the most difficult aspect of all
and it’s going to take me a while before i can figure a simplfied way of showing it while making sense-

I know that it will be a compromise and many advanced features may have to be dropped to make it user friendly!

I hope this gives new ideas about how to simplified the info in Blender and make it easier for Newbies and other user too.

Let me know if you need that Extra window for the texture
i can try to work on it this weedend

Tanks & Salutations

I am also interested in architectural applications of blender. I have been using it to create interiors for some time now but even after 1.5 years with the tool, I still feel as though my images are a far cry from what has been posted in this thread. I definitely would be interested in a web page with materials, tutorials, etc. I might even contribute in some way if it looks to be off to a good start. Here is my latest work in progress. I will probably toss it into the finished pojects section when I am done with it and see if they can suggest some ways to improve it. I can’t put it into the WIP section. I don’t think I could keep up with the suggestions to improve it while also implementing the change requests from the guy I am doing this for.


Your movie room looks really nice!


I just found out yesterday that you should try to avoid using AO with Ray Transparency, an Area Light and colour filtering for the transparent object… Spent 11 hours with my computer’s CPUs at 100% before I finally killed the render (3/4 of it was complete). Guess I’m going to have to figure a way to render sections at a time and splice them together. Oh well…

Here’s another example of using Blender for Architectural/Product Display work. (I’ll be really surprised if anyone knows what this is).

An example of using Blender for Architectural project planning:


i understand u r problem…but i m sure that we too will b modelling similar things with the help of this forum…i am good at max, autocad 3d-solid modelling and find blender to be the same as max…if we learn it well…
all the best…
btw…those models r drop dead realistic…they will b my goals…
send help in anyway…

is autocad a real 3D software ?

what is this 3D molelling is it a real 3D modelling or a simulated one
can you export it to Blender ?

AutoCad does acurate views, and is great for referencing. As a 3D tool? Find it totally clunky. Maybe that’s cause I got swept away by Blender first.

AutoCad has plugins that can handle 3D exports, but they are all expensive - as if the program isn’t expensive enough on it’s own. Some of my colleagues believe Rhino 3D to be the Big brother of CAD [also costs an arm & a leg] but I’m not convinced. Have heard Rhino exports .OBJ files that sometimes Blender likes, but I’ve still to test that.

Wybren van Keulen gave a talk at the conference last. Can catch his comment on AutoCad on video?