Blender For Dummies, 4th edition is officially out

I don’t do a lot of the whole self-promotion thing here, but writing this edition of Blender For Dummies was a pretty huge undertaking for me, so I figured I’d be a bit more vociferous about its release.

So it’s out! The 4th edition of Blender For Dummies! Feel free to go get yourself a copy… or if you’re already a Blender expert, get a copy for a friend. :wink:


:smiley::+1::+1: Congrats! This will undoubtedly help a lot of Blender newbies and intermediate users.

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Is this based on 2.80 series?

That’s what video says.
It was released approximately at same moment than 2.82.
So, content is probably based on 2.81 or on master between 2.81 and 2.82 or on d.b.o tasks at that moment.

2.82 did not change basics a lot compared to 2.81.
Most of 2.82 features were about advanced stuff. (Mantaflow, UDIM, USD, Custom AOVs, Denoiser…)

Most of Interface refactoring after 2.80 happened in 2.81 (new File Browser, new Outliner, New Sculpt mode, library overrides, EEVEE light shadows, Grease Pencil brush presets and guides…)

2.83 features are also mostly about advanced stuff and new additions that have no impact on basics.
(Volume Object, Mantaflow bugfixes, VR…)
It will be a pity to miss EEVEE passes, Cycles Adaptive Sampling and Sculpt Face Sets & auto-masking when learning 2.83 with this book.
But that does not make a lot of things to discover by yourself.
The only thing that would be a bad idea is : to try to learn Grease Pencil in 2.83 with docs anterior to 2.83.
UI of Grease Pencil changed a lot with addition of Vertex Painting.

So, it should be possible to follow the book without problem, today.
And except for Grease Pencil, it should be a decent reference during 2 years.
Because 2.83 will be first LTS.

Maybe some people will provide books up-to-date based on 2.83, in future months.
Maybe nobody will be interested in buying a book about 2.83 ; when 2.90 will be available in 4 months.

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@zeauro pretty much got it covered. The book is updated for the 2.8x series. For the most part, information in there should be up to date for later Blender releases. There are some minor UI changes that might snag a few folks. I’m planning on noting them on the website I built for the book. Hopefully I’ll get that added in the next couple of weeks.

Cool thanks. I might pick up a copy.

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Hey Jason,
Will there be a 5th edition covering the 3.x Series ?

I think that would be a great idea. That updated version of the book hasn’t been started yet, but it would certainly be wise to do. Fortunately, the UI changes from 2.8x to 3.x aren’t as large and extensive as previous ones.

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Considering just how extensive Geometry Nodes are getting, you may need to create a two-volume set with the second one being just nodes, especially if all of the additions promised this year are in before you are done.

Hmmm… “Blender for Dummies” (or Experts, for that matter)…

Must be about the size of the New York City phone book. :smiley: