Blender for engineer: Structural, Thermal and CFD

Hi to all members,

I have start an project some month ago regarding to integration of some CAD and CAE software in Blender (use Blender as a base, and all other programs will be add as add-ons).

Unfortunately for me and for members involved in project (based on volunteer), we don’t found any volunteer which know well Blender and some programming skills. The reason is simple: Blender will be changed as interface in a way in which to integrate CAD software and CFD software, and also to can work together with libraries from software involved in project.
Also each member of team is specialized in some field from engineering domain: structural, thermal and cfd at the higher level of knowledge (Ph.D.)

So, any volunteer which want add to this project is welcome to write here their questions or other things regarding to project.

I waiting with higher interest to joined to team and become part of project.

Keep in touch.
Best regards.