blender for fast conceptbuilding

Given the speed at which a scene can be created in blender I’ve started experiementing with it as a tool to fully realize concepts as fast as possible.
This quick scene was built from scratch in 15 minutes but I’m hoping with a little more practise I could produce such a results far faster.

The head is simply a heavily subdivided cube with a texture to displace and the body is drawn out from a uvsphere.

Nothing special, just a test.

And what is it you want critique on? This seems to be more of a test then something in focused critic.

Apoligies, should have put foward direct questions.

My interest is in how effective blender is at such a task and how to maximize the speed at which one can work.
Does the quick scene effectively present a character concept and if not what would be a better method to get the idea across?

well i think it does, no problems.
cool concept anyway.

I find that creating specialized screens for each steps of the creation process is essential: it unclutters the interface (e.g. rolling up useless button panels) and puts everything that’s really needed at hand (e.g. the rigth 3D areas, possibly with dedicated background images).
Taking maximum advantage of all the shortcuts.
Using the input device that is suited to your style (and budget): mouse, tablet, NDOF…
Creating in a 3D suite like Blender is constant problem solving: the more you’ll know about the program the better and faster you’ll become.
For the end the essential : have fun.