Blender for game asset creation tutorial. No prior experience required.

This tutorial series started life as a smaller tutorial series and spiralled into something much more… more. In the end it became a 21 part text based tutorial teaching someone with absolutely no Blender experience how to model, texture, simple keyframe animate, light and render a jet model, ending in a sprite animation ready for use in a game.

Complete Blender Game art tutorial

Any and all feedback appreciated. If you are a beginner, I truly hope this series is helpful for you.

Hi how much and which expiriences do you have with modeling for games?
I mean, some tutorials out there are very bad about modeling for games, because the optimization is bad and much more other small things.
I’m looking about 2 Month now for a Tutorial for necessarity of baking textures, normals and ao’s for games, and why game modeler should do this. But i cant find anything decent or well explained. So rather wasting time on next tutorials I’ll ask you.
Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Really good, thanks for sharing !

In all honesty, this probably isn’t the tutorial for what you are looking for. This series is most about process as opposed to technique. For example, the tutorial will teach you how to unwrap a model, but not how BEST to unwrap a model. There is some technique shown but for the most part, that is where the artist side kicks in and a tutorial becomes less useful.

Added a somewhat related post, this one aimed more at developers that are looking to use Blender assets from the web in their game engine.
[How to take a Blender model you downloaded from the web and make it actually usable in your game in 28 easy steps!](http://www.gamefromscrat

It started off as a guide to baking blender materials to texture, but covers taking an asset from the web and converting it to work in a game engine. Should be handy for indie devs looking for game assets.