Blender for interior design?

I’m studying interior design and have been checking out different types of drafting programmes. My question is - is Blender suitable for drafting etc?

I’m not an expert of that field, the closest answer to your question is this achitecture post:

Maybe this can help you a little bit to thing about it… until other people provide you with better answers.

I do industrial design (the smaller and outside version of interior) and yes Blender is great… no it will not turn it into measured building plans, but yes it will build form, it will show space, it will convey the meanings, volumes, shadows… that are required when presenting work.

most stuff is about making it look damn cool, some of the stuff is about generating plans that builders can build from.

making it look cool, blender can do (i have done some architectural work for a company and used blender for presentation, modelled in it and stuff)

its good for fast concepting too.

you just need to know the limitations of where blender becomes a hassle in the workflow, and where it is strongest. its normally strongest at the beginings of projects when things are roughly correct. towards the end if you are doing material costings (automatically) then nope it would suck.

what country are you in BTW?


I’m in Qld Australia. I don’t think Blender sounds what I"m looking for (I was after drafting program that can give you elevation views and be used for building etc) but the drafting programs I’ve used so far - when you go to do the 3D walk through look pretty shabby and are fairly limited. It sounds like blender would be good to learn to WOW my clients :slight_smile:

Blender for interior Design

Ok I’m an interior Designer. 15 years direct experience, degree and 10 year prior to that in construction.

Here how I work.

Planning by sketch. CAD for drawing package. Blender or other 3d package for presentation only. With the exception of complex furniture items which might be supported by 3D.

Here’s why. Time.

Concept to presentation is usually only a few days. Blender is good for presentations but not much use for driving ideas. 3D is too slow. Paper and pencil to develop ideas is fast and clients like sketches. Develop everything on paper before committing to 3D. In this business speed is everything.

Hope that is useful.

Cheers BB