Blender for Ipod

I just came across an app for the ipod touch and the iphone called itracer. It’s a raytracer and modelling software. I’ve yet to play around with it, though I imagine it is quite basic, but it led me to wonder: how long it will be before some programming genius dreams up a blender port for the ipod? I can’t imagine how much time I could devour playing around with blender on my ipod. Bathroom breaks at work would probably stretch into hour long affairs. . .

Are there any Blenderheads out there working on this?

Blender Pocket is kinda what you’re looking for, but only an old version is available for windows mobile. Have a read, the developer says he is thinking about an itouch version, but no promises.

and i read there’s a way to play blender games on ipod, don’t know how though…

Looks promising. I really wish my coding experience was more advanced. I would totally put time into that if I could. They have a rudimentary sculpt tool as well. It all looks so promising. I think the touch is a great way for Blenderheads to get their hard work out there. There is already one game, developed in Blender, for sale on itunes, and I suspect there will be more to come. Perhaps I’ll look into the coding for ipod touch and iphone apps and see if I can’t figure something out. I might have to quit my job, but I guess there is always more room for homeless people out there and there is no shortage of unsecured wireless networks as well. Imagine that, a homeless guy sitting on the sidewalk with a laptop and an open laptop case. “Donations Please”

I like the idea of Blender for iPod Touch but I’m not sure the lack of keyboard will make for a satisfactory end-user experience?