Blender for Level Design in Unity?


since i feel, that many people “fearing” the effort learning blender for creating their models for their games, an often given advise is to model everything in the game creation tool (like unity) itself as long as its not too complex/detailed. So I am in exact the opposite situation. I know blender fairly good/ok but i have no idea doing modeling stuff in unity.
Also the downside to reimport everything on a change does also not speak for using blender.

But, assuming my Blender skills are good and I am new to Unity, is it possible/advisable to model a complete game level for a short game in blender itself and “export” it with all the materials, settings and so on to Unity so that the result is similar to what i can see in blender?
Or has the most parts to be done twice anyway in the target game creation tool?
So if i know blender, it would be cool to use that skills …

So i mean using for example an eevee rendered architecture visualisation of a complete house as an template for a game … is that possible?

The target here is to have a really nice graphic but where you can also move in an interact with stuff

If not, whats the typical workflow to create something similar like in the game Suite 776?

Without looking on the complexity in detail (game logic etc), i would really like to have the game scenery first, where i can move into and apply all the game logic afterwards …

Or do you think i bite off more that i can chew?

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I don’t recommend modeling things in the game engine. Blender or any 3DCC app is going to be way better. There are certain things that will have to be done in the game engine like making materials and placing the objects. All the objects could be exported in one big chunk, but it is probably better to export them separate and place them in the scene. Things like a dresser have to be though of ahead of time if the draws are to be moved in the game. If the drawers are to be moved they should be separate objects. Making stuff to it can be placed using a grid can help put it all together in the game engine better. Some studios do make whole levels in their 3DCC app like Blender and move it in as a chunk.

So but just doing the modeling in Blender? Are materials etc. also be done in blender or should it be done in unity?

So maybe i could go for doing the models as follows:

  • every plain room with windows (not modeling a complete house, instead assemble rooms together in the scene)
  • separate doors/windows (since they can move)
  • separate interior pieces like tables, but with all details like stuff that are placed on them (as long as the details itself does not interact somehow)

I found out that blender files can be directly imported to unity. It has the drawback that the creator must have blender installed. Since I am the only editor, that shouldn’t be an issue. Are there other reasons using no blender files? I find it very laborious to export everything by hand to an fbx file


Do modeling and texturing in Blender so it looks like you want with all the maps made needed and maybe have the lighting baked in depending on what you want in the game. Make sure the origin is at 0,0,0 before exporting so it will be placed on the ground when popping it in the game. Try to make your life easier in Unity by using Blender.

I’m not that familiar with Unity and how it handles the .blend files, but it sounds like it should work. Whatever is fastest. After the model is in there it should be in there for good unless it does some weird xref.