Blender for Maya Users & Beginners.

Hello! It’s Aidy Burrows here from, I’d like to ask…

Are you a Maya user?

Or maybe simply a beginner?

Are you interested in seeing how Blender and Maya compare (from a modelling point of view)?

Then perhaps this series of overviews I’m putting out there may be of some help/use/interest to you!

I’ve split this initial overview segment up into 4 sections of videos (and some written sections as well)…

  1. First Interactions - This section alone should be enough to get up and started within Blender
  2. Main Menus - This is a rundown of a lot of the common features found in the polygon menu sets of Maya and their counterparts in Blender. This gives an opportunity for exploration of some of Blenders features in a broader sense than the first interactions videos.
  3. Extra Menus - This is a similar rundown but extends to some commonly reached for modelling features that fall outside of the polygon menu set.
  4. Helpful Info - What it says on the tin, an assortment of extra information worth being aware of at an early stage.

Basically this is a collection of information that I think I would have liked to have been exposed to when I was making the transition from Maya to Blender.

I’m also currently putting together some other overview series, to do with modelling, uving and some other topics. However, I’m quite keen to get on with some proper creative projects but felt that this reference material was a good foundation to build upon.

So i’ll hope you’ll join me and give me your feedback, suggestions, help, anything really, i’ll take whatever you’ve got!

Thanks for watching/listening