Blender for Mechanical Builds and Animation for 3D Printing?

I will be rendering a gearbox with elector motors, diesel engine, hydraulics, hydraulic cylinders, tractor arms, down to each bolt and nut, body of tractor to print out on a 3d printer? Will Blender be able to run the animation to show how it works and any problems, before I 3d print it? I am new and tried Fusion 360, but it seems limited.

I am wanting to build a tractor plus all the internal parts to print on a 3d printer. I will be building prototypes that are very mechanical down to the threads on the bolts and nut to print on a 3D printer?

Is blender good for that vs Fusion 360 or Autocad?


It should be doable. Go to Youtube and search for Mechanical Rigging in Blender, or Rigging With Constraints in Blender and you’ll get quite a few tutorials. Here are a couple by Max Berends.

Steve S

I haven’t really used fusion that much but I would pick that over blender any day the are just too many tools in fusion that lazer focused on CAD modeling plus not having to worry about things like topology and having parametric modeling is a very big plus.

Am I able to put the exact size that I need the gear to be in Blender? So when I print it, it comes out the exact size?

I regularry have used blender to prototype, at first for visual presentation.
Often later some simple animation.
And sometimes to study some mechanical behaviour.
As for a motor piston, i think you just require a nice animation, blender can perfectly do that.

If you want to use it for physical testing, then doing exact physical mechanics can be hard.
Then i use Blender more for, study possible behaviour, by observing likely wrong physical emulations.:rolleyes:
But that doesnt matter much, from looking at 3d stuff, i can determine possible problematic areas, much earlier in the design proces.
As compared to having it build first. Usually doing exact measurement things, other drawing packets might be handier for, but for prototyping you dont require exact measurement just some idea. to work it out later.
And when you finally get something… then rendering it to cycles… well in my opinion not much can beat that…