Blender for music producer?

Hi all!

I am a musician turned music producer who in the past year have become more and more interested in audiovisual art. More specifically, I am interested in particle physics and also how to modulate this with sound.

An example of a video I like:

Up until now I have used CC licensed videos for my music but would now like to start making my own stuff.

Would Blender be a good choice for me? And is it even worthwhile starting with this as a complete beginner at 36?

Blender is certainly a good choice - especially if you utilize the tools wonderful geniuses have made available to build out core functionality - namely Animation Nodes. That being said - it will take some time to get the results you want… just like music!

I would check Houdini indie first, blender particles are pretty outdated and AN is not really an alternative for that kind of stuff