Blender for Ornamental Metalwork?

Recently there was an article in a metalworking trade magazine, about how it was time for people in my trade to learn 3d modeling. They reviewed three or four software packages that were all out of my price range, and blender was mentioned once in the article without anything at all being said about it.

So I’ve jumped into learning Blender.

Are there any other metalworkers out there in the Blender community? Anything in particular aimed at metal fabrication, Metal sculpture, or Blacksmithing?

I do ornamental metalwork, artistic and functional, with a lot of hand forging of hot iron. A lot of railings small architectural installations, which is the kind of thing that I’m interested in Blender for. I also find it fascinating.

I’m basically looking for any blender-related stuff that I might be interested in.



Years ago I tried my hand at sheet fabrication and jewelry imho I was quite good at it :smiley:

I’ve been using 3d packages for over 10 yrs now and I think Blender would be idea for this type of visualisation.

Read up or Google for extrusion along paths or taper curves

good luck

Thank you.

Do you know of any tutorials on Taper Curves?