Blender for PDAs???

Will there ever be blender for a PDA OS. I have one and it would be great just to take blender in my pocket. Not to render but just to work on a model on the go. I dont think it is yet possibe to render on a 600 mhz 32mb ram PDA. It would be nice if it was possible

I’d say a PDA display is a bit small for modeling. %|

yeah it would be but i think it would be cool

Already Happened! There used to be a version that worked on IPaq’s. Parts used to make it work were not all able to be opensourced so unless someone takes the lead and starts anew on the project I doubt it will happen for some time.

I thought they were too small too. But someone in the Blender General section asked the exact same question and one response was that there was a Blender version for ipaq somewhere.

I suppose if it can run on low-end computers, it might be possible on high-end PDAs. You can play Tomb Raider on an N-Gage so some PDAs must be at least that powerful.

Having said that, I couldn’t see it being useful because you use a lot of hotkeys and stuff to use Blender effectively. Not to mention getting python to work right and then there’s the interface. It would get awfully cluttered on such a small screen.

You forgot “I hope not” :wink:

if you can run it on a 75 mhz laptop you certantly can use it at a pda. ther are a few problems: hotkeys and the small screen. and some more i cant think of because i dont own one.

Hotkeys are no big deal. There is a virtual key board and u can buy a key board for pdas

most PDA’s [particulary pocket pcs] are more powerful than the ngage, I’d liken the power of the ngage to a pentium [1] at most, and current pdas to an older pentium 3, or a pentium 2 [perhaps even a high end pentium 1]. Tomb raider on the ngage is running entirely in software, but the engine is capable of more than the 486-days doom and wolfenstien engines.

blender has mouse gestures for the common tasks. Most other tasks should be avalible on menus, particularly now. [even though they eat a lot of screen real-estate]

however, there is no concept of a mouse cursor on a pda, so an interactive grab operation would have to work differently.

then it wouldnt’ be a pda now would it? it would be a very small laptop, I’d rather have an ultralight any day than a pda.

I don’t think there should be a full blender version for pdas, but I do thing it would be good to invest time into an interactive viewer which has a modified interface so it is well suited to the stylus and stuf. The 2.03 ipaq version of blender had the game engine, and supposedly it ran pretty well. Both a .blend viewer and the game engine would be real nice, but perhaps is asking too much [particulary because almost nobody is motivated to work on this project it seems]

Blender would be able to run on PDA’s if given. Like Mifune said, it can run on real slow computers.

It could run on 206 Mhz RISC Ipaqs so it can definitely run on 400/533Mhz RISC Xscale processor units.

On a palm at 66Mhz I am not so sure.

Anyway it would only be a modelling solution, so that you could work on a simple model whilst travelling. If the render and texture options and some of the more unnessecary modelling options (back to 1.8 or something) were removed and it just ran as a gl modeller it could be a useful tool.

It all depends on the inconvinience of making it as the Ipaq version was a proof of concept thing and never intended for widescale use. I believe the gl on pocketpcs is different to that on desktops.