Blender for previz by a complete newbie?

Hey Guys,

Very quick question; I’m currently working on a film and would love to do some rough previz stuff for it. I have a very, very (very) limited knowledge of Blender and Sketchup but am willing to put my mind to learning the ropes a bit if it’s worth it.

The sort of previz I’m talking about is the simplest of the simple; un-textured, coloured blocks and shapes representing walls/tables/doors/object etc. Very simple animation (just block characters getting moved from location to another, no need for individuals limb movement or anything like that).

As a pretty much total n00b to the whole thing, is it realistic I can learn to do this within a few weeks? I’m really just hoping to block in basic movements in locations that roughly translate to how the finished location will look. Is this a realistic aspiration, or should I just not bother trying for the amount of time I want to learn in? I’m never going to be a 3D artist, or even close, but is using Blender as a tool to map out scenes something that’s quite easy to learn to do, or am I entering a world of pain for even trying!?

It’s very realistic with sketchup. It will satisfy all your requirements.

You mean making the models in sketchup and then doing very basic animation in Blender?

You can do very basic animation in sketchup (moving camera) and it will be very-very fast :smiley:

If you have a few weeks during which you can get familiar with Blender every day, a few weeks should definitely be enough. I imagine that the hardest part will be to find some visual style that is both fast and nice looking.

Is that Sketchup free?

It can be free or 500$ for pro version or <100$ for pro version for students