"Blender for Pythonists" at EuroPython 2015 in Bilbao

I proposed a training called “Blender for Pythonists” for the EuroPython conference in Bilbao which is held from 20th to 26th of July. A few days ago I got the confirmation.

My main goals for this talk are:

  • Showing off what Blender can do
  • Enabling the participants to create/edit video footage
  • Introducing the Blender Python API

The audience I expect are mostly Python users, and have probably not a lot of Blender experience. If it turns out all the participants are Blender pros, I’ll just discuss the Python API for three hours, which is fine by me :wink:

I’m focusing the introduction to Blender on video processing/editing because that is a more pressing need for Python programmers than is 3D content creation. Video has become an essential medium of communication and education, even on a much less professional level. So instead of going into modeling and texturing after the basic interface stuff, I’ll teach the participants to move around Text objects and images, and then go on to show the video editor.

On the Python side, I’ll introduce several Object types, and my little “Vraag” library (essentially JQuery for Blender…). I’ll discuss Operators and their several aspects, and if there is time and interest, I will also cover my asyncio work and show how to make an http api to blender addons.

I’ve researched the ability to integrate IPython Notebook via asyncio into Blender, but due to the short timeframe I probably can’t make that happen yet.

Another more or less covert goal of the training is to bring the Python and Blender Community a bit closer together. Blender is one of the best and biggest Open Source projects using Blender, but it is often not perceived as a part of the Python comunity. Also a lot of the computing in Blender and its addons resembles what the scientific Python stack is doing, but unfortunately, the current blender development seems to do things their own way, and in my opinion, these differences are for the worse.

I’d also appreciate if you could tell me what you would have liked to know when starting Python programming in Blender.

Sadly i dont live there
But i’m interested in pixel level acces
Getting properties, of objects / meshes, get list of selected verticles, and how to go trough them, create or set; verticles, faces.
Or find faces/objects by some kind of properties (i think is basic).
And what general 2d image editing futures blender has (placing text, over a render result?).
I wonder if it would be possible to 2d text over a blender image without going trough render pipeline
(for example area size 10 white,x,y, " text here").

Pixel level access can be had through Image.pixels

Blender’s 2D capabilities take many forms. Painting on images and 3D models, for example. The Video Sequencer for another. The compositor mostly deals with images. And to make 2D animations I just setup a 3D scene to look like a 2D scene…

If you just want to put a text relative to the screen you can parent the Text object to the camera and set the material to “no shading”.