Blender for realtime and interactive Engineering/Data/Science visualization

Can someone tell about the latest status of official Blender development or available add ons, which focus on one of the following topics:

  • Live data visualization from multiple cameras or point clouds.
  • plotting (live or reading from files)
  • physics engine interaction e.g. key presses or joystick
  • multi viewpoint support

The reason being is, that I am using Blender for quite heavy engineering visualizations with 3D models, where e.g. typical alternatives like Matlab from Mathworks or the Matplotlib in Python just aren’t able to show data quickly enough any more due to their inefficient drawing backend.

So far, the old BGE (R.I.P.) is still doing a decent job, but I would like to use something more recent, which is NOT a full fledged additional game engine like Unreal, Unity or Godot.

If there are other threads already discussing this, please point me to them.

PS: I know that UPBGE can do a couple of these, but I don’t want to make this thread a UPBGE discussion thread, so please refrain from bringing it up in the first place.

upbge can do all of these things, not some of them.

“I would like a solution to my problem that does not include the solution to my problem, thanks”

I am not aware of in depth discussions about visualizations in Blender. Hope those answers are somewhat useful.

When it comes to point cloud visualizations, there has been quite some progress in geometry nodes. This area is still under heavy development, but as far as I can see, it has never been as straight forward to visualize point clouds in Blender.

Geometry nodes are likely what you are looking for. But again, keep in mind it is still being developed and is still undergoing changes (even though it is not obviously visible).

I haven’t seen anyone achieving this in Blender since the removal of the BGE.

It is not quite clear to me what you are referring to. You can have multiple viewports and as far as I can see it has never worked as well as it does now.

@BluePrintRandom : I highly respect the perseverance of the devs and yourself on this project. I have always been a fan of the BGE and have been quite active in the forum and even on blender.stackexchange for BGE stuff, but not recently. The point is, that I would like to introduce a stable, long term solution (lasting years) in a corporate environment. And UPBGE - as it’s good, but not officially part of the BF & Blender itself - is too much of a moving target as I could propose this right now.

@DeepBlender : Thanks for the hints, that’s a good start. Regarding the multi viewport point, I was more referring to multiple viewpoints of the same scene, just in different representations. E.g. one view EEVEE + some postprocessing effects, in another one a second cam in wireframe. More: Multiple viewports where you can define cam and render engine seperately.

Do you know if there are any network (TCP/UDP) receiving templates for geometry nodes available?

Viewports have become more independent of each other. However, there are still limitations. The camera in each one is independent. If you are using Eevee, you can configure a lot per viewport (like using the wireframe and how). I am unsure whether the postprocessing and other aspects are independent though. However, using Cycles and Eevee at the same time doesn’t work as far as I know, so there are limitations for sure. That’s something you have to try out.

No idea

ubisoft mixer syncs data between blender scenes,

I wonder if you could use it + geo nodes in your pipe?

openXR can poll a xbox controller input or VR - it’s merging into master.