Blender for robotics? (motion control rig)

Hope this is the right place to ask my question.

Ive been researching this stuff for a while and trying to get some answers on building a motion control rig for a camera. Basically its a robotic arm with a camera mounted to it which can keep repeating the same movement over and over so you can composite multiple moving shots.
(The one I want to build wouldnt be hollywood sized, just a smaller version that a camcorder can be mounted to)

But what Im trying to figure out is can Blender be used to create the motions for the rig and can those motions somehow be fed into the hardware (servo I guess is one of the devices).
On top of that I also need a guide on how to actually assemble a system like that. They sell that kind of stuff already but theres quite a bit of custom features I would need with mine., Not trying to sound greenhorn, just being honest,.

I found this guy on the net but he uses Maya for the motion data not blender.

Im really not sure where to start with this. I mean I can afford the parts but my gutt tells its probably more complicated than just feeding information into a hardware device.

So any help on this will be much appreciated. thanks.

This sounds interesting…
No Ideas but I’m keeping my eye on this thread.
Good luck though!

I’ve seen a few people controlling objects inside Blender with arduino and all. So the reverse process can also be done with a little effort i think. Probably Blender Game Engine, Python , Microcontrollers and all would be required.Good Luck though.:smiley: