Blender for sale on eBay!

Just spotted this item on ebay - surely this is unacceptable when Blender is available to all as open source! See the following link…

lol why the frigg would they put it on ebay when blender is free anyway? lol weirdo

I don’t know. I guess they think they can make money from nothing, but all they’re doing is making themselves look really dumb in a very public way. it’s pretty sad really.

Funny thing about it is that it doesn’t say anywhere on the page the name of the software that he is selling. And he probably don’t think that he looks dumb, I mean, who knows who he is?! The only dumb person would be the one buying it from him.

ohhh i really want to get in contact with friends of his, ohh wait HE Has none! only Ebay lol

I just used ‘ask the seller a question’ on ebay - I don’t imagine they’ll reply.

Sadly, someone has bought one copy.

“Since this is a digital download auction: All Sales Final Unless Item is Not as Described.”


This is getting old.
It happens all the time, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

lol this is hallarious, “FULLY LICENSED SOFTWARE RESELLER”

i remember something like this pooping up before, except it was listed at like 2k, some other courensy thou.

and isn’t he displaying copyrighted screen shots and other content on that auction?

And posted for like the 100th time here as well.