Blender for SFX (MOCO) Stunts and Shows

Dear Blender Artists,

This is a cross post to a topic I started in devtalk.blender. If such cross posting is frowned upon please accept my apologies – let me now – and I will re-formulate.

Blender is a very powerful tool to manipulate the virtual world of film and videos. It excels in the field of VFX whereas the field of SFX and the manipulation of the physical set is left to proprietary solutions.

Having such a solution designed, built, gotten the TÜV approval, it has been used on a number of A-movies. I would now like to invoke the Open Source approach that has Blender thriving, hoping other users are going to be as fascinated as I am myself in getting Blender to interact with the power SFX (MOCO) Stunts and Shows need.


you can find a working sketch of the proposed Add-on.

As this approach was sparked during a discussion in mid August – I’m still trying to find my ‘Blender legs’ – there is a lot of room to improve.

Batteries included!

in the Folder UClients_and_helpers
a script intefaces with Blender on the Input
and the Simulates a physical Axis.

the example1.blend shows the principle of those Nodes

The aim of this addon is to close the gap between VFX and SFX giving the VFX artist a tool to create shots SFX can then put into physical action.
Shots like this demo (shoot by a couple of friends and I (wiredworks)) should then be able to be created virtually knowing that they can be realized on set.

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