Blender for simulating real human settlements?

Hey guys, first post here.
I am looking to use Blender for designing and simulating small human settlements/communities.
I want to be able to design the actual environments which I know Blender can do perfectly but I am wondering if I will be able to use Blender to simulate basic life in those environments and observe congestion/friction issues. Is this possible?
How would you recommend I approach this problem.


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You would probably better off by using something like Unreal Engine for that.

Interesting. Do I need to learn C++ to do something like that with UE?

It depends what you are up to (and what is you background)… every game engine has some type of scripting, sometimes even noodling and even top AAA games use those and most of them are programmable by C, C++, C# and whatever.

  • Realtime or Simulation for later presentation ?
  • What to simulate: game like behaviour or scientific based ecology (this is properly spelled wrong)…

Even blender has some different node based game engine incarnations…and ther is Python…

Something new and complex as UE has to be learnt…somtimes Unity seems to easier to and of course there is Godot…

(there also economy simulation engines…)

Not sure what the difference between real-time and later-time is in that context. I would like to be able to show it to other people.
Not sure what the difference between game-like behavior and scientific based ecology is. I am looking to create realistic simulations in order to test urban infrastructure of small human settlements e.g. discover efficient paths between locations, avoid congestion as the population increases, be able to scale the settlement and analyze changes etc. Basically urban design on a small scale.

I don’t care about how hard it is I can learn it, I just want to know what tools I need for my goal.

I’m telling you that your question is widely spread, you aren’t sure what’s the difference between real-time and later-time is an you don’t care about how hard it is you can learn it and just want to know what tools you need. – Well, then find out, the sky is the limit.

So I am asking for advice. Instead of telling me to ‘figure it out’ you could provide some :slight_smile:

Maybe we are talking at cross-purposes:
I gave you the advice that your goal is very vague and you have to think about your precise targets, because a simulation is not so easy (not that a really good ego-shooter is easy) but you told us that for example you don’t understand the difference between:

  • game like behaviour
  • science based ecology

on the other hand you are talking about:

  • effective pathfinding
  • congestion dedection
  • problem scaling (?)

Those are not so easy mathematical problems (you know the definition of hard problem in math?). So the tools are: mathematics. Done in any programming language, which is: mathematics. That’s why i ask for your background .

Okay, an example: in WarCraft: Orcs and Humans (1994) you have to dig for gold and cut trees to be able to build the building which make up your town and have to do a little fighting… do you know that you have to build roads in that game? And why do you think the canceled road building in the next episode of their game serie? Because it’s awefull to simulate and in a strategy game this is to much for the players.

On the other hand:

(Inbetween is something like the SimCity serie, which wouldn’t be so successfull if it would have a bad simulation)

So maybe now you think: That’s much too big, i wanna start on a small scale.
Well, that’s the problem with such simulations: they have to be correct in the first place or simplified (WarCraft vs. SimCity… different goals).

Again: my advice is not one tool, because your goal is hard work (i’m not telling you to give up). And depending on that goal somone could give you further advice.

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You definitely need to use a Game Engine like Unity (C#) or UnrealEngine (C++) as Blender isn’t made for these things and it would be hard to do it with Blender Python Scripts. Then you can use Blender to create 3d objects, but these aren’t the hard part and are only there for displaying purposes. The hard part is developing an algorithm that represents the wanted behaviour and then to simulate it. For this, have a look at the YouTuber Primer ( for tge overal simulation. If you want detailed animations of human walking, have a look at game development and NPC Controlling.

As i said it depends:
Crowds with Particles(1-2001)
Crowds with Geometry Nodes (1-2001)
CrowdSim3D (payed)

and if for real-time and a new Blender game engine:

And by the way the old games (and the goal seems to be less than they did) worked on computers which were much slower nowadays…