Blender for softimage/xsi user.

hello i’ve been trying to learn i could at least be able to do some basic tasks like logo animations.
modeling texturing rendering.kind of stuff i use everyday on softimage.but what i found really not well designed is the
hotkeys mapping.and the situations when blender asks you to remenber short keys.from the begining like right click to select.passing by the absence of the two axis constrain on the the confusing layers
on each the confusing look trough camera instead of just having a camera attached to the view .and then be able
to switch to orthographic.because perspective view is not used at all.we just need a camera view.till the no floating
windows UI.i usually keep one modeling tools window at hand that i can put where ever i use a tool that will be
required several times .(it is good also on dual monitors). the graph editor where region select multiple keyframes by clicking and draging requires you to learn a short cut.controling the view by middle mouse button fixed and switching between ctl+alt+shift to
control the view is really uncomfortable despite all other softwares uses a key + lmb/rmb/mmb.(wich will make life easier to new comers).it is uncomfortable swithching keyboard keys. fingers to the mouse are much more closer than fingers to the keyboard.the fully customizable non nodale more a handicap than a good feature.imagine i want to have some sort of visual marks as a new users. i can can better memorize where my tools are.blender gives the new user the possibility
to have a customizable UI that the first thing he does is messing it up and then go around looking for tutorials.wich will tell him that .in order to constrain a movement to an axis he can shift alt and select the axis that will n be ignored.instead of a simple marker on the manipulator like all other softwares.i just don’t know what stops the blender foundation from asking real professionals from the VFX industrie what would they need to get rid of autodesk products.
what are there suggestions what are the best commercial suit of softwares according to them.what they like and what they don’t like about it(i mean bad ass guys working on multi billion box office movies)…anyway as hard as i try to learn blender.all i find is that blender developpers made life harder for any new comer or switcher.if it was a revoltion on how
keyboard short cuts are mapped(i use most of the time short cuts on softimage but ask a softimage user and he will tell you about how it works)it could be understable as it would cut working time by half or atleast win some % of time.
but no…apart from G E ctl+R and some others there is no logic on the keyboard mapping.and there is a lot
of unnecessary and illogical keyboard shortcuts that blender asks the user to remenber…that’s my opinion .any other softimage user who made a succesfull switch to blender could tell me that i’m wrong wich i really wish to.(blender is free :slight_smile: )

eh… double post:o

That is funny…a lot of the things you complain about are the exact things I like about Blender. I love the view through the camera. It is the most natural view of all the 3D programs I have used. Also Fly mode is a jewel that some other 3D programs do not even have.

I think you are going to just get over the hump dude.

XSI is dead, so I guess Blender has already removed one Autodesk product…

better memorize where my tools are.

Some people take Ginkgo supplement for that.

the no floating windows UI

Choose View\Duplicate Into New Area to make any window float.

requires you to learn a short cut.

If you do not know, Blender was designed so when you are using it, one hand is on the mouse and the other is on the keyboard. So the interface is shortcut centric. But this natural and requires very little hand movement.

It’s easier to think of most things in Blender as performing an action of some sort on the selection, rather than a toolbox like, for instance, Photoshop. You only really find toolboxes in Blender in the paint-style modes (sculpt, texture paint, etc).

To get started with almost everything else, you really only need to learn a handful of shortcuts, and they’re all fairly obvious if you think about them.

G - Grab
R - Rotate
S - Scale
X, Y, or Z to restrict any of the above to a single global axis, or tap that axis twice for the local axis, or shift-axis to exclude it

E - Extrude

X - Delete, collapse, or dissolve (menu)

M - Move to another layer

Ctrl-F, Ctrl-E, Ctrl-V - face, vertex and edge operation menus. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

W - special operations menu

Numpad keys:0 - camera view
1 - front
3 - side
7 - top
5 - toggle between orthographic and perspective
2, 4, 6, 8 - arrow keys to rotate view
. - center view on selection’s center

There are of course lots more than this, but you can get considerable mileage out of these while getting used to the program. It shouldn’t take you long to get used to those few, and then you’ll learn others naturally as you go along. Most Blender isn’t softimage. If you keep trying to find ways to make and expect it behave like it is, you’re just hampering your own learning and development.

As a side note, please consider using the space key between sentences, and perhaps using paragraphs to separate your thoughts. Your wall of text is itself a pretty poor interface design. :wink:

I didn’t even try to read. Opened the thread, saw it’s a wall of text, did a search for a question mark, didn’t find any and decided it’s not a support request (= not meant for reading on this forum, if any), scrolled down to check the answers.

Thanks to anybody who made the effort to read.and thanks to anybody who gave or will give any sort of an answer.
On the crouded software market. It’s diffucult to get real professionnels adopt a package.
Established pipelines and production proven softwares will make any studio or artist think
Twice before investing time and effort learning a new software. Hope all the luck to everyone.
And still hope to hear about a softimage xsi user who made a succesful switch to blender.
It’s the only person who can prove me that i’m wrong. Because i will be able to speak the same language.
Describing Softimage is like describing a pineapple taste to someone who only tasted apples .