Blender for the Blind


Here is antoher one painting in relief for the blind.
Title: Vertumne and Pomone
Painter: Jean Ranc (1674 - 1735)
Location: Musée Fabre, Montpellier (France)

Not made for the moment, just finished 3D model. Time to print, about 500 hours machine. The background made with CNC machine using a LAB plate. Final dimensions: 50 X 70 cm.


Another good one, and good choice of painting to use.

Thank you. This is a masterpiece of the Fabre museum. In this painting the lighting is very interesting. The light seems to come from the above left corner of the painting. But there is no shadow of the umbrella on the characters. The handle and the ribs of the umbrella are not transparent. During my visit at the museum, a group of children ware watching the painting. The speaker did’nt say anithing about the light but only historic moments of the painter and his work.
I intend to print the umbrella with a movable part for the fabric. So with a simple lamp, it could be easy to show the painter did or did’nt manage the light!!

That is an interesting project, to look at the light differences with a 3d model.

Indeed. Painting is not photography. Especially in the classical period,The purpose was to show an idealized scene. There is here a mythological scene which shows us the opposition of the youth and the old age. Such painting is very interesting for the blind people because there is a story to tell. We tell a story while they are occupied with discovering the work by touching it.