Blender for the blind

Hi all

Paintings in relief for the blind people. Made only with Blender and CNC machine.
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Thanks for suggestions and critics.


Impressive. I like the “irony” of a primarily visual tool used to help the blind perceive art they would otherwise couldn’t. Thumbs up.

Assuming the goal is to 3D print the mesh and use it like Braille:

How about exaggerating the textures? Maybe even overlaying it with thin, but real materials? This might sound silly, but what if you could change the temperature of certain elements (for example, make the horses warm and the ground cold) for additional effect?

Does it have “to scale” depth on the X? Since the blind cannot perceive 2 dimensional objects, it only makes sense to make it as 3D as possible.

A very interesting project :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers.

Effectively, I started years ago to model with Moray (Pov-Ray) and than for architectural 3d printed models models with Rhino.
See on my welbsite the pages about tactile architecture models for blind.
Expermienting the tactile models with blind people, I conclused that a simple 3d model in white colour as close as possible to the sculpture is the best way to understand the work. I tried diffrent temperatures. It’s a very difficult thing to make and does not help understanding.
Than with the textures. I always use the displace modifier to apply the the painter’s touch. I’m using too the sculpt mode to increase que tactile effect.
There are many kinds of blind people: born blind, early blind, late blind. Blind by disease, by accident…
My experience now, shows that my work of transcription is fully understood by all the categories. BUT! It always requires accompaniment for the explanation. Moreover, all the blind, like the seeing people, are not interested in art. Not everyone goes to the museum.
What I discovered, on the other hand, is that children are particularly interested in the tactile!

Degas: les danseuses mauves. Musée Faure. Aix-les-bains. France

A worthy use of Blender.

nice work

on the tactile, haptic arts
i think artworks for the blind are predominantly in the realm of the touch not seeing… relation to emotional impression/experience is different ie. as is music/sound VS visible form, or translation of literature into illustration into music… thus would be better if demand would generate a different form/assemblage of art… with modern tech, doors are open
& for starters, it is amazing what you do
thank you

are there any comparative researches or studies done?

The best work in this way is made by an italian institute in Bologna. In this institute are living blind people, so it’s very easy to ask them the solutions for the work in relief. They themselves make copies of already made reliefs.
I’m a newbie in this forum, so I have to wait 10 posts to be allowed to insert llinks in my thread.
So you have to search “Istituto Cavazza” and go to the page of the museum for blind.
Loretta Secchi the leader of the museum is workiing for 20 years on the subject. The reliefs are handmade with clay and than reproduced in plaster. At each stage of creation, the blind are consulted.
This is the difference with computer made object. You can only test the result when the work is printed.
Loretta belongs too a Facebook page.
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To answer your question about haptic see this video about tactile hologram

Musée de La Rochelle (France)
Les continents

Mosaique de Lycurgue Musée gallo-romain de Saint-Romain-en-Gal - France

Musée de Vienne (Isère 38) France
Dubufe - Allégorie de l’Italie

This is amazing work and for a noble cause too. Cool!!!