Blender for the ipad or android ????

This would be feasible, as long ipads and andriods are here to last. It seems every few years, there is a new fad.

You mean: sort of auxiliary tool, a bit like a graphic tablet? If only i could use my wife’s iPad as “ordinary” GT, it would be already gorgeous enough! :wink:

Really though… I was talking to some people about this last night… Very soon I’ll be getting a new phone, and it will probably be the Samsung galaxy SII… which… has dual core 1.2ghz and android…

I was thinking… why not use it for rendering when I’m home… just hook it up to my network and render… dual core 1.2ghz isn’t bad at all!

I recently bought an iPad 2 and i was too researching how to code it to make it run on an iPad, if anyone has any info on how to do this, it would be very much appreciated.

i recently heard that adobe, has released a prototype/beta of photoshop for the ipad… if they can port that to the ipad, maybe it isnt so far fetched to imagine 3D programs to be far behind.

you click on links with your finger, you scroll page by dragging it up and down with your finger… there’s a quick menu to go to bookmarks or back etc.

While I agree that smartphones and tablets are mostly for consumption of content, there’re many good possibilities for graphic artists beyond touch for drawing, like being able to take shots of textures anywhere, anytime. Couldn’t also the gyroscope and accelerometer be used to track down movement info to syncronize with movie making with the camera? Rotating the viewport around your character while you model/sculpt it by orbiting around it like in AR applications?

touch interfaces won’t replace the keyboard (you can just connect one of them to your device), but will most definitely obsolete the mouse. It’s an irreversible change, I think.

I have been using MyPaint on my N900 for a while now. But it is simply a 2d painting program. I really want to see a 3d modeling program like Blender get ported.

check this out:

Sure, the interface would need to change, but it would be great to be able to use Blender “lite” when travelling. Even if it was to sketch out ideas on a single model or try out basic scene designs it would be great. Or it could find use as a portable model viewer for those unpredictable and brief encounters where there is a small chance of a job offer or collaboration (I know there are more basic options that can view models on mobile devices, but a Blender solution would be great).

Anyone know the possibility of creating a JNI wrapper for Blender’s libraries? I’m guessing it would be a huge task, but maybe worthy of a GSOC project.
Writing “C” code for Android

I am waiting for a tablet that uses both touch and pressure sensitive stylus like the N-Trig systems. I would like to use the tablet as a wireless input device for Blender and Krita which would be installed on the main home server and viewed on that fat arse HD tv the family ordered but I never use for display, so I can use it as a media centre/tivo/fax/file server/firewall etc and spend my scarce cash only on a single well continuously updated machine (3 GPUs and 4x8/16 core cpus anyone eventually?) for all my household computing just like my PC when I still enjoyed AAA games and dump/hock each and every other single additional piece of tech in my house. Using the information from the extra sensor like GPS and accelerometer could be added to the physical inputs. Shake the paint, runs to one side of the pad as it is tilted, use it as a camera viz device ala Avatar etc. Potentially this will allow me to migrate from paper and pencil. The media has become too damn expensive. A large oil costs me more than a months salary and the price of large format high quality printing is still decreasing. Sculpting would be awesome if you mored the pad around and the model you are working on stays fixed in space, zoom by moving pad in and out, sort of a version of the camera viz thing except for sculptors. Add a Kinect input and you could emulate bashing a piece of marble and watch on the pad?

BTW, Autodesk is releasing some useful software relating to AutoCAD for mobile devices:

BTW, isn’t it hateful to see the 1 year lead Apple obliges every developer to grant to their platform before releasing it to Android and possibly others? What about the big “Available on the App Store” and a ridiculous small link for Android Market right next to it? I’m glad Microsoft joined Nokia. This should give Apple a run for its money and more competition in the field.

BTW, I’m addicted to BTW…

wow, that actually looks like it is faster than the first computer I ran Blender on! (A Yakumo something-or-other with 256 megs of RAM and an absolutely TERRIBLE ATI graphics chip, if you were wondering.) Now we just need a stripped-down version…I wonder whether that would qualify as a GSoC project?

Multi touch in Blender would be very cool. I guess you could test drive it witha VNC on the ipad. Blender used to have lots of gestures, did they all go away?

That’s a damn good idea! I’m getting an Asus EP121 (eee slate) within the next month and multitouch blender on that thing would RULE!
And then pull out the pen for some pressure sensitive sculpting and texture painting :smiley:

That and deny your million-dollar-idea app and then make it for themselves. Not that it happened to me but I wouldn’t be surprised.

first computer I ran Blender on
n900 has only a 680 Hz processor, i guess with the recent 1.5 dual core ones plus the graphic core installed, it will be fast enough even to render :slight_smile:

Point one: It is 680 MHz, not 680 Hz. A 680 Hz processor would take about 4 years to boot.
Point two: It is pretty easy to overclock to at least 1 GHz.

It is 680 MHz
droped the M sorry

A 680 Hz processor would take about 4 years to boot.

It is pretty easy to overclock to at least 1 GHz
wouldn’t it heat up and … you know ?

Here’s a tool:

Not really. I have it overclocked to 1 GHz and it doesn’t really heat up much unless I am doing pretty processor-intensive stuff (extracting files, playing 3d PC games, calculating pi, etc.), which used to heat it up anyway before I overclocked it.