Blender for VFX

Hello everyone! this is the final plate of a complete CGI shot for a new project I am participating in. The entire shot has been made in blender: from modelling to rendering and final compositing. While the resolution and sampling is not the final version, what do you think? Here you have a short article in LinkedIn about my thought of the usage of Blender in the VFX and CGI industries for a final product: Blender for VFX
I’d love to get feedback! especially on the texturing!

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No? Here you have the link:

Thx and sorry, nope, still “Page not found”.
Do I have to be logged into LinkedIn to view (can’t, I’m not at LinkedIn)?

Oh I see, let me change my profile settings so people without Linkedin can read it as well. Thanks for the note.

Just a minor criticism. The lighting and composition looks really cool and it’s a pretty cool scene overall.
However the resolution on the cylinder parts are way, way too low and it kills the immersion. I would suggest going at least triple on it. Considering it’s a cycles rendering it won’t do much difference in the rendering times etc.

You might be able to do a quick fix for this with a angle limit bevel modifier in combination with a subsurf modifier

Thanks for the complements and the suggestion, yes the main tube is low poly but as you mentioned it should be high-res. I am actually working to add some detail on it as well (panels, greebles and custom objects).

Here I have added the final details to the entrance (circular tube) and added the actors: 3 ships on the background and the main ship in the front.