Blender for web ilustration

Hi!! I work on the marketing department on a small spanish IT company. I´m also a blender fanatic. As responsible for our company website I try to use Blender as much as I can. In most cases the images are quite simple, but I think that this could be a great chance to show usefull can be Blender this kind of works.


Nice stuff! Is the first one Cycles or BI? Just wondering, because it’s very hard for me to get a nice clean white background and still get all the reflections where I want them. Good job!

Thanks for the kind words. The first image was rendered with cycles. The procedural is quite easy. You just have to ensure that your background is lighter than the objects. Afterwards you just grade it with the curves node in the compositor setting the color of the background to white.

Hey, thanks for the reply… sorry I didn’t get back to this ealier! I’ll have to try what you said, although I’m still not sure it will do the trick for me in terms of reflections off of the background. I think what I really need to do it work on my lighting skills (or lack of!).