Blender for win64?

Does anyone know when a version of Blender for Windows 64 bit OS will be released?

2.44 is 64 bit

I saw the Linux 64 bit version but couldn’t see the Windows 64 bit version anywhere???

it is the normal distro.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean? I’ve downloaded the Blender 2.44 installer for windows and its 32 bit only.

papasmurf has no idea what he is talking about :smiley:
The devs have made the code 64bit-safe ONLY for the Unix-based operating system, the 64bit code is not Win64 safe yet. In another word, it’s not ready yet.

Dam. I got excited for a minute there. Can’t be far away can it?

what exactly are you looking for in the 64bit version? Larger usable memory (>2GB)? Because that’s about the only thing that benifits 64bit blender.

hate to argue with you Mike, but has no win64/unix caveat. all vista is 64 bit. blender is 64bit. same code base. windows compiler Large toggle.

"- No Windows 64 bits version is available yet. We seek a developer to help with it, especially because we chose the (unix) LP64 standard… "
MSVC does not support LP64, it uses the older LLP64 model.
God dammit Papasmurf, please don’t argue with me since I have no clue what I am talking about… I am just regurgitating what I heard. :smiley:

ah. release notes omit that trivial detail. wiki updated

Yes I’m after larger usable memory. I just upgraded to win64 and added another 4GB RAM to my new workstation giving it a total of 8GB - all because I am having trouble with a commercial project due this Friday which keeps crashing on me as soon as I try to render with all my layers together. Granted its totalling about 8 to 10 million faces but I really thought my new system would handle it. (and I didn’t read the fine print on the site about 2.44 being 64bit compatible only with Linux) I have the option of putting Linux on but have never used this before and don’t want to spend the next 2 days just trying to get my head around a new OS. This new workstation was bought purely for Blender so I guess it might be an option. I’ll have my old computer for all other pc work.

I know there’s probably a way of compositing it but I don’t know enough about this and don’t have the time to learn for this project. If there is anyone out there who’s highly experienced in Blender and available tomorrow or Friday or both, I’d be happy to pay for your time - I’m in a real pickle! (Sydney Australia).

You could grab a 64bit Live-CD (e.g. Ubuntu), boot it, download 64bit blender, extract it somewhere (hope you have some non-NTFS partition, a USB-Stick or just something Linux can write to) and render the stuff :slight_smile:
Since blender doesn’t need any real installation this should work, i’m just not sure how putting stuff in the home-dir works with a live-cd, which you’d have to for the scripts.

I’m afraid there is no real alternative right now, there have been a few 64bit windows compiles in the past (even before 2.44), maybe some are still around, but never save over your blend files with that, they might be (partially) unreadable for official versions, and features like “library linking” (linking from other scenes) will most likely not work.

You need to choose intelligent options. see this page i wrote for about 50 options. Your main problem is trying to render it all in one go. Use your renderlayers and especially parts rendering - all of these topics are covered in the linked page as well as the following 10 or so pages.

I got same problem, although 32 bit version seems to be working just fine with Vista. For now I am working in it, when 64 bit Windows Blender will be relased I will switch.

The Blender proper code base is also safe for win64, the problem is that I as release builder have no access to such hardware and OS.

Whenever I do, I’ll have to compile every library used for win64 too. It may be that some of our external dependencies don’t compile on win64 (yet?). See for all the libs we need 64-bit versions of.


Pray, forgive me- I am just a 3d guy, I decided to devote to spending my time on “art” so my knowledge about programming is minimal thus no matter how much I’d like to I am unable to compile anything, I am bound to wait for new relase prepared by somebody else. It’s a shame, I know but that’s how it is- I suspect I am not the only one disabled this way around here.

Hmm, I just noticed this line on the wiki:
"Get faster memory, up to yor PC’s motherboard limit. 667MHz memory is 30% slower than 800MHz. "
Now, I can get into 50 reasons why this is false, yes PC2-6400 has 30% more THEORETICAL bandwidth than PC2-5300. But in almost all the cases, memory speed is not the limiting factor. Espcially considering running memory out of sync with the system bus can still cause a pretty significant performance hit. I have personally tested generic DDR667 running at 5-5-5-15 vs the high end stuff running at DDR1066 4-2-2-8 (D9 micron fatboy chips, if you must know) and the effect on blender is less than 2%. And this is running on a 2MB Core 2 Duo. I expect the performance benifit of faster memory to be even less with the 4 or 8mb CPUs.
Now, can someone please just remove that line? Papasmurf?

jesterking, I am no dev but it sounds like you know what you are talking about. Are you saying the only reason why we don’t have 64bit Blender for windows is because BF doesn’t have a 64bit platform (HW and SW) to compile/test?
Software wise, you can get a free, fully functional WinXP Pro x64 from MS for a 180day trial. Win Server 2003/server 2008 is also available as a free trial download.

From my point of view, this is the problem. I don’t have such hardware (nor software - and a trial is only a trial), and I doubt there are those among the developers that do have both and time and willingess to delve into this.

If anyone wants to donate me such a machine with non-trial software, please do contact me :D:evilgrin:


So if we buy Jesterking, or Ton a nice new 64 bit system we might see a 64 bit windows build?