Blender for Windows 64-bit

I just got a new computer, and found that the 64-bit version of Blender doesn’t have an installer. I downloaded the .zip files, but haven’t been able to figure out what I need to do to get it to work. Could someone tell me where I need to move files, what else I need to install, etc. or direct to a help page of some kind? I am trying to install Blender 2.49 and 2.5


-Andrew Miller

Just unzip into a folder and run it.

Firstly, fail. Secondly, just unzip it to Program Files, and then if you want, create a shortcut to “blender.exe” on the desktop.

Okay, well, I’m not sure what the problem is then, because I tried that first thing. I even unzipped the compressed folder inside the .zip file that had python in it… But when I try to run it, (both 2.5 and 2.49) it says:

The application has failed to star because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.

Is there some other program I need, or is it having trouble findig Python or what?

Thanks for the quick responses guys

-Andrew Miller

Did you install the Visual C++ 2008 package as it says and links to on the download site