blender for work? Bugs Bugs Bugs

Create any mesh. Create Empty, add shinkwrap constraint to empty. target - first mesh, shrinkwrap type - any.
Duplicate Empty few time and try all to move it. Crash 100%
This is very simple operation and Blender crash every time. How can work with this software if they don`t create simple restore file for backup scene before crash. Every 3D soft have it. Work with softimage and it crash only when I have some non-standard situation or heavy scene. Blender very often crash on simple operation with only one constraint or modifier.

The purpose of the shrinkwrap modifier is to move the vertices of an object to match another object. Empties have no vertices. Using the shrinkwrap modifier on an empty may be simple, but it makes no sense. If it bothers you so much, report it as a bug, maybe the developers will put in an error message that says, “Don’t do that” next time you try to use shrinkwrap that way. This is the same kind of ‘non-standard situation’ that causes your beloved softimage to crash as well.

If you know of any other simple operations with only one constraint or modifier that cause Blender to crash, report them as bugs. The developers are pretty good at fixing things that need fixing.

blender for work? Bugs Bugs Bugs

Report the bug, report the bug, report the bug

There is a link to report bugs in the blender help menu. If you don’t bother to report them, then you can’t blame the developers for not fixing them

Try a new build (2.69.8 or better), there was an error in the duplicate code that I reported and others as well. It has been fixed on my submitted BLEND test case file. Perhaps your bug has already been crushed as well?

I don’t know your opinion on this, but I do that applications shouldn’t punish users who do things done out of inexperience with a crash.

Regardless of what he did, the best way to go is to report it and mention in the response that one would at least expect an error message here while blocking the actual operation.

I believe in this case the error message should go like… “Error; shrinkwrap requires object with geometry data, aborting operation”, followed immediately by Blender aborting the operation (instead of itself).

It’s sarcasm, Ace. I know better than to think the devs will follow my lead in writing error messages.

Besides, he wasn’t just applying shrinkwrap to an empty… he then duplicated the empty several times, then tried a grab and translate. Seems to me he was deliberately poking around in ‘non-standard situations’ or inappropriate use of tools to see if he could induce a crash. Successfully, it seems.

And then, instead of reporting it, came here to bash Blender.

try on Blender 2.69
No sarcasm. I learn Blender and try some scenes or situations that I use in Softimage. Like Blender but so many bugs stop leaning. report bugs every week.

Why on earth would I want to try to shrinkwrap an empty? In Blender 2.69 or any other version? Performing this operation simply makes no sense. If you want to learn Blender, you should stop pretending you are using Softimage and actually learn Blender. There are plenty of tutorials on line that show you how Blender’s tools work.

I want to move empty on a surface with shrinkwrap. If shrinkwrap constrait is on constraint section that it will work. Do you know best solution to translate empty by surface? I need translate 10 empty nulls.

The snap function works pretty well to move empties around on the surface of another object.


This bug has now been fixed in most recent trunk version of Blender.

Here’s the commit log for those that want details:

Thank you for reporting the bug.

For those who choose to whine instead: