Blender for XP 64?

I’m trying to find a way around the memory limit in xp32 and just want to be running 64 bit os. its a shame I’m not taking full advantage of my comp. I tried to install linux; ubuntu 7.1 64 refused to even boot up after the title screen disappears from the live cd, 32 bit ubuntu loaded and installed (although took forever to boot) and then never gave me the boot option of loading linux when I started my comp, or gave me errors.

I don’t want this to degenerate into win vs. linux, although I’d love any help or suggestions. I am dling 64 bit sabayon linux to see if that will work. I’d love to install that fancy compiz fusion. Anyway, is there a win xp 64 bit version of blender with a higher memory cap (I have 4 gigs) and multiple cpu support? ideally optimized for AMD my setup is

2x dual core opteron 275 (4x logical cpu) 2.2 ghz
4 gig patriot ram
nvidia 8800 gts 640 mb

I want to get back into fluid sims but its still only using 1 gb RAM

Thanks! :ba:

There is no Blender for 64 bit XP. To get around the memory cap, perhaps this can be of use to you:

There was 64bit Blender for windows.
where did it go?
after a 1 min search…
Graphicall of course!
Check the Optimized builds list, there are several builds for xp64.

Oops, didn’t think of looking there.:wink:

regarding ubuntu not booting, We had that problem at the blender institute when setting up the systems.
This may be the same issue. Try this. -
When the boot CD shows its menu, press F6 and remove the argument “splash” and press enter.

We also have similar nvidia cards on 64bit systems so might be the cause.

PS, building blender on gutsy 64bit is really easy.

I’m pretty sure those are still 32-bit builds, since all our dependencies are 32-bit. We have no 64-bit libraries and the build process for 64-bit windows hasn’t been done at all.


I, won’t argue the point too much as I am in no position to test this atm.
When I installed Blender on XP 64 Along with Yafray 64 bit & Python 64 bit
they installed & worked.
Not in the 32 bit section, in the 64bit.
You cannot install these files on XP 32 bit.
Blender standard 32 bit installer was not recognized as a file on 64 bit,
just as the 64 bit files are not recognized on win32.
The version I used was
000113 Blender-v2.41-x64windows,
along with
these may be optimized installers, that install on windows xp 64.
They are not recognized as win32 apps if you try to install on xp 32 bit.
I would presume that the current x64 windows builds may be similar in construction.

So my next question is

A) did you notice it would let you use more than 1.5 gigs RAM in 64?
B) did you notice any speed/rendering improvements, overall, expecially in yafray?
C) Is sabayon linux more difficult to learn than ubuntu? I am a complete noob.
D) how big is the difference between blender 32 vs 64 in a linux environment? is it even worth switching?

thanks guys.

C) Is sabayon linux more difficult to learn than ubuntu? I am a complete noob.
Try VMware or virtual box, and virtualize it . That way you do not run the risk of crunching your windows partition just to learn that Linux is half baked.
Linux is not really engineered for the casual desktop user yet.
We use Linux + the 64bit version of blender at work, and have yet to really need it. my home system with windows X64 actually render the scenes faster using the 32bit version of blender.

I have installed SUSE 10.3 on a amd 64 dual core with 2GB ram. SUSE had Blender 2.42 ready to install with Yast. I have installed them and they run quite well. Maybe not as fast as on the xp pro system but very good anyway. The SUSE Linux 10.3 is the first Linux system I could get running since I tried to use Linux in the late 90s… Every year I try new distributions and they failes one way or another. But this one is really stable and efficient.
Also there is an issue with the render key 12 on that distribution. Novell seem to use it for a system popup and when trying to do a rendering in Blender the popup shows and you have to go to the button renderer… But it is a small issue compared to the good side of it.
I am trying now to build large models to see how it fares comparatively to xp 32 and xp 64.
A friend of mine did try on Vista and could not even have the installation working… :-))

so this works? if i get the windows xp 64 bit and run the 32 bit blender 2.45?

I thought I heard the 32 bit executable wont even run in xp 64? he could be talking about the 64 bit installer for 32 bit blender, which is apparently the only version compatible with xp pro 64, because someone above said they don’t even have the win 64 bit libraries developed yet

so this works? if i get the windows xp 64 bit and run the 32 bit blender 2.45?

it works great.

I thought I heard the 32 bit executable wont even run in xp 64?

You are either confused or misinformed, the standard version runs on windows X64 just fine.
There are optimized builds for AMD64 chips, they are just not 64 bit is all.

ubuntu has some isues with the newer nvidia cards. try using the alternate cd then install the drivers from nivdia’s website.
to get a gui you may haft to change etc/X11/xorg.conf to ‘vesa’ insted of ‘nv’. it can be edited using

sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

blender runs very well on xp64bits … It also runs better with sse2 optim !

sse2 optims on xp and xp64bits run exactly as fast as the official build for linux(unbuntu amd64) …