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Not very long time ago i switched from MAX to blender, BC i have tired of “The application will now close…” message.

So i very intensively started to learn how to make my job (ArchViz) with blender. And how to get it comparable to Vray/Mental ray images that i did before for clients.

Firstly i came to Yafaray, but its bugs (for example white dots when making electrical lights) are dissapointed me. Than i switched to luxrender but it is long, very long. The Cycles is cool thing but when we are coming out of video RAM it becomes as slow as luxrender.

After that i found a comparison of the internal renderer, yafaray and cycles and BI was the fastest renderer from those. So i started to try and play with blender internal to get a way how to make a smooth result that would be suitable for archviz. And also comparable to vray/mental ray by speed and quality.

After trying, reading books about lighting in photography, learning the lighting nature, i hope that i found a way how to make the suitable archviz with internal renderer.

I used the Evermotion’s scene from archinteriors vol 8. scene 10 ( ) to make i try to get a comparable result.

This image is rendered with BI for 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Well, hope it works


Great result! :slight_smile:

Using BI like a champ! Very well done @easydream :ba:

Superb, makes me want to have a house like that. :cool:

Thank you for comments! i really love blender and BI :slight_smile:

i made a simple tutorial that describing how to setup vray-like lighting with blender internal

i hope it’ll be useful.

PS. Sorry for my broken English

Beautiful, nicely done.

Very nice tutorial.
And very nice scene too.
I understand why you don’t use cycles.
I can even imagine why you don’t use vray.
But with yafaray you have same realistic results in much more complicated scenes where filling a room with lights gets much more dificult.
But as a learning experience I find it a really good tutorial.
Only talented ones can do such a nice result with bi.
So, congrats!

Thank you, arquitectos , actually i used yafaray, it is slow, and it is impossible to make a good exteriror scene with yafaray (instances are not fully supported), also since it has the GI, some things become a pain, for example GI brings the “colormix” to the scene because of reflected light, and some times client says something like that “…i have provided you a texture or a color sample and in your rendering it looks different…” and with yafaray or any other GI renderer it is a pain to make a texture or color just as client wants. And with BI and this lightset it is a peace of cake…

I almost totally agree with you.:yes:
I only change “i used yafaray, it is slow” to "it is slower! :eyebrowlift:
BI is faster indeed, and more flexible too for clients’ prejudicies…
But only to the expense of lots of know how…
For people like me that are not coders ( cycles joke ) or skilled like you the best choice is a gi that makes all the work for us.

I sincerely admire your knowledge and I hope to learn more from your tutorials and use more BI side by side with vray and yafaray.

Like a BOSS :evilgrin:

Really great result for BI! Nice work!

Nice work indeed!
But 2 things are bugging me a bit… no skytexture seen from the windows and sandstone wall is quite flat. :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

Amazing! Fantastic!

The images you show show that with the proper techniques Blender is just as good a $4,000 ~ $5,000 programs. The only thing that disappointed me in your tutorial was that the next parts weren’t there yet and I look forward to seeing them. It’s good to see professionals using these tools in innovative ways and then sharing those practices since it makes the whole of the community better for it in the end. Deffinitely looking forward to more tutorials from you. - here is the second part of the tutorial about creating vray-like renderings with blender, it is about setting up the clayrender in the evermotion scene.

Nice so far!
There’s no need to duplicate the lights though. You could just move them to the other layer with shift pressed so they work on both.

You are a true inspiration. And you even have made a tutorial. Thanks.

Ben_Lind thank you, it is really works without copying the lights.

Another 5 star rating! Very nice results using BI. Hope u make it to the gallery.
Who knows what the future brings. I really hope they dont stop developing the blender internal or introduce a real replacement for it. To bad that the main focus is going to cycles these days.