Blender Foundation Films [Elephants dream]

Okay, so the blender foundation has created allot of great films. well actually this (sintel) is the 3rd one they have made and they’ve been soo amazing.

But I still think my favourite still has to be Elephants dream. I just love. at first when I watched it, I got confused but then I got into it and the end of it I was wishing that it could be a fully featured film 75mins or so.

Maybe the blender foundation could do a part 2 of it for the next project? what do you think?

I don’t really like ED that much it made and still makes zero sense to me, my favorite is BBB. I think its better if each project is unique in story and style all three of these movies are distinctively different from each other which is a good thing.

The idea is for YOU to make part 2. I have written a story line already here, feel free to use it.

Tyrant Monkey: the story of ED is when big dreams are forged; the first problem encountered is that of getting people (the team) to share a common vision. Emo cannot see Proog’s vision, and Proog cannot figure out why (“What? It is all around you, Emo! Emo, why can’t you see?”). Sadly, the frustration that ensues as the dream (the vision/goal/mission/purpose) is ridiculed, and in sum, why most projects fall apart. The film is a metaphor for the difficulties encountered with projects (Blender and Open Source included).

ED is the best I think.
BBB is good, but only a simple funny video.
I think Sintel will be the last in my list: a stupid “killer plaza girl” story for the stupid youngs… :frowning:
But there is a small hope…

Well, i’m completly agree Sintel looks very POOR :evilgrin:

As opposed to the Knight in Shining Armor Strawberry Massacre?

You’d think it would make you happy to see ‘serious works’ being made with blender…

Don’t worry , i’m working in one :cool:

well, thank you.

i would love to see sequel or more works based on that concept also… how other people see it, and what they can make out of it. i myself, seem to come back to it from time to time… it’s one of those things that i feel at home.

i always thought, it wasn’t even bizarre enough :slight_smile:

p.s. endi: before you judge, you should really understand the whole idea what all of these different movies are for. there is a reason why these productions are so different, afterall.


I’m sorry, but my first thought on seeing ED was that it was Blender’s version of an “Art House W*nk Film”.

I do love the animation and the characters and the design, but I do think we all ‘got it’ on first viewing.

C’mon people, these films all have their strengths, weaknesses, and stories behind them, which are all pretty incredible. No need to fuss!

You realize that we are on internet :smiley:

I just love the variations in every movie that is made from the blender institute. Maybe the movies are not my taste but the idea is there and if you don’t like it; you could try making it better. I don’t know anywhere else you get all the files for a short. That’s unique.

I think that one of the main filmmaking goals of the BF is to make a feature.

I think that the films echo a curve that happens to most artistic endeavors.

You start out ambitious, you want to make something original, you think the world will appreciate it and this will lead to other things - ED. (art house film)

You realize that the world does not really appreciate it as much. That is, it does not lead to a feature film contract and you rethink your strategy a little and you look at was has been successful in the past for other artists and you try and emulate that - BBB. (Pixar)

You realize that that got you further toward the goal but you have not hit the mark just yet. You decide to get realistic. “What we need to do is please the young crowd - the largest population of people going to films and playing games. If we can do that we can attract the interest of funding for a feature” - Sintel. (Action film with no story, a lot of fighting, ninja stuff and so on. Good fodder for a game to exploit that market, not to mention entice funding)

The director thankfully was at odds with this initial concept for Sintel and wanted to bring a good story to the project. I hope he was successful.

I have not talked to these people directly of course but I have sort of stitched this together from watching interviews. Just an arm chair opinion. I’d love to talk to Ton though or I’d at least love to have somone ask him these questions and see what is behind his thinking.

In any case, I hope the film does well. And I think that Ton has been very patient and logical in his thinking, taking the steps necessary in development toward the final end goal, which I am sure is to be producing feature films.

I loved ED. It is one of my favorites. The cool thing is, yeah, you could make your own sequel or even feature if you wanted. The assets are all there.

Or you could make BBB meets ED. :evilgrin:

Heh heh…
Don’t we all?
The film definitely has a story. It even has a surprise ending and a message.
As to whether that will come across, I can’t tell any more, and you’ll have to wait and see.

Yes because everyone working on these shorts are professional writers…

Seriously, do you even know how hard it is to write a story that doesn’t sound cheesy? If it was that easy then we wouldn’t see all those B movies airing on the cinema >_>

I have liked all of the projects so far and I am 100% sure that I will enjoy Sintel just as much. Maybe not because of the story but because it simply looks amazing.

Now I don’t know who writes the story for the shorts but the shorts are for displaying the power of Blender, are they not? Be glad that they even have a story and not just be random showreel stuff.

I personally have high hopes for it. But I know exactly what you mean - having written enough screenplays. I hope it comes across as well.

So what is the inside scoop? How far off am I?

could you tell us what that is :slight_smile:

I think I will enjoy sintel jus as much as I enjoyed BBB but I think I enjoyed ED because of its seriousness and I just loved the lighting.

I can’t really say about Sintel because i haven’t seen it yet…

But in ED the animation seemed wonky to me in places, while in BBB it’s excellent.

I agree with you on that. BBB’s animation was much better. but you have to remember it is allot harder to animate human that toon characters like in BBB

At the last Siggraph, Ton told me that he prefers to let the production crew for each film come up with the storyline etc. As someone else has suggested, maybe you could do it.

Of course , it’ s gonna be Epic :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry man but i don’t like sintel ;).