Blender Foundation on steam??

After along time of absence in the steam work shop, i found that now you can donate part of the profit of a item, to a foundation, and from the list, there was Blender Foundation, is the official or a fake. if it’s the official, i would like to donate, if my item it’s approved!!

Good to know!! Unfortunately I’m not so good to modeling, so there a low chance to contribute…XD. Thank you very much!!!

It’s official. They’ve already been recieving monies from it and stated it will be put toward “invest(ing) quality developer time for getting Blender (to) work better in game creation pipelines”. Some has gone to Gooseberry since then, but donations definitely go to the Blender Foundation, so you need not fear fraud or the like :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Hope this way Blender foundation can get more founds from this!