blender fps game(un-named)

HEY if you reading this THANK YOU!!!:D:D

I’m currently working on a first person shooter

i just have basic mechanics right now but i think it looks good:eyebrowlift:

tell me what you think and what you would add:yes:

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Its looking good, much farther than most people get on games on this forum. I just have a few things that caught my eye, one being the framerate. You are getting about 4-7 FPS in the video. Most of that I am guessing is from you using a screen recorder, however the amount of logic you have going (82 ms at 37%) seems a bit excessive. At early stages in game production you should be getting a solid 60 FPS throughout testing. So I would suggest that you try to find what is causing that lag. If you would like help with figuring out where your problem is then you can send me a pm.

I’m on my laptop so that’s why the frame rate is so low…

and I think the problem is that I’m not the best at python so for the HUD it’s basically all properties, messages, and always sensors.